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Chapter Four

Revan roamed the Ebon Hawk to find Bastila grieving about her mother's death. "Bastila... Your mother... I'm sorry." Revan apologized.

"Revan... I... Thank you... For being there when I needed you at the hospital... Thanks." thanked Bastila.

"I will always be there for you... I love you." reminded Revan. Bastila shed more tears. Revan kissed her forehead to make her feel less sad. "I don't think the sad days in my life can match to how remorseful I feel for you today." Revan pointed out.

"Revan..." Bastila clutched Revan's hand, "I hear that "I love you" comment all the time." told Bastila.

"Bastila, what are you saying?" asked Revan hastily.

"I still love you, Revan... I want everyone to know it... Everyone in the galaxy to know it." stated Bastila. Revan sighed in relief. "I want you to marry me." Revan was speechless. "But do you want to?"

"*Sigh* I'd love to... This is the happiest moment of my life." told Revan smiling.

"I knew it... I love you so much... Thank you." replied Bastila. Revan stared at Bastila's large open mouth grin then ran his hand down her face. "Oh kiss me you fool." demanded Bastila. Revan did as he was told very gladly. In the cockpit, Jaden put a big smile on his face. "What's going on that's good?" asked Carth obviously noticing Jaden's grin.

"Soon... This will be a happy moment for the whole crew." answered Jaden.

"Why? What's going on?" asked Carth hastily.

"Bastila and Revan will tell us all." replied Jaden.

Minutes later, Revan and Bastila requested attendance in the main room. "Everyone..." Revan addressed "Bastila and I have decided to get married."

"What?" asked Atton.

"Why, that's wonderful" commented Carth.

"A great idea." commented Jaden.

"What's wrong with you, Atton?" asked Mira.

"Nothing, it's a great idea, just a little surprised." replied Atton.

On Dantooine, Vrook sensed Revan and Bastila's happy moment. "A good idea indeed." Vrook said to himself.

Revan and Bastila left to their quarters. "I love that idea." commented Revan "But where shall we get married?"

"On your home of Delreia." answered Bastila.

"So it really is my home?" asked Revan.


"That isn't my home anymore." stated Revan.


"My home is wherever I am... With you" declared Revan rubbing Bastila's shoulder.

"My home is with you too." Bastila replied stroking her hand through Revan's hair.

The Ebon Hawk continued to fly through hyperspace to Revan's confirmed homeworld, happiness throughout the crew.

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