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Chapter Five

"Did you ask her?" asked Jaden.

"No, she informed me that she wanted to." replied Revan "Then she asked me."

"Ahhh... If I were to go through the same thing you and Bastila are going through with myself and Visas... How would I make the relationship last?" asked Jaden.

"Spend more time with her... Watch her train Dustil then other apprentices she will have. Take the few seconds just to make her feel special, give her a compliment once in a while, as for me, I give Bastila 5 in 2 minutes." explained Revan.

"Wow, they sure aren't asking that much of us." replied Jaden.

"Start by observing her training Dustil." suggested Revan "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make a "preperation"." Revan walked into his room and pulled out a blank literate holocron and started writing some sort of poem. "What are you doing, love?" asked Bastila.

"It's a surprise honey." told Revan "You'll have to wait." Bastila tried everything to see what Revan was doing, she tried to see it through the Force, but Revan was covering it well, mentaly and physically.

Back in the cockpit, Atton had a worried look on his face "This is a bad time, Carth" Atton told his fellow pilot.

"Why?" asked Carth.

"This will attract the attention of the Sith, we might lose both of them." explained Atton.

"This was their choice and we will respect it." ordered Carth.

"Fine." said Atton.

"What's going on here?" asked Mical.

"Nothing, Mical. We're just having a discussion." told Atton.

"Why do you resent the idea?" asked Mical.

"Because the Sith might be following us." replied Atton.

"He's right." told Revan entering the cockpit holding his holocron "That's why were getting married, finding Force Adepts and getting of Delreia as soon as posible."

"But Revan..."

"Warning: Do not question the master's decision or I will tear out your tongue." told HK warning Carth.

"Don't worry, Carth. We will have a little celebration between the whole crew." explained Revan obviously knowing what Carth was going to say.

Revan walked up to Carth with his holocron in hand "Do you think Bastila will like it?" asked Revan.

"I think she will. But is it a poem or a song?" asked Carth.

"Song! I sent a transmission to a band on Delreia and asked if they wanted to play there." explained Revan.


"They don't have the money to buy the more advanced synthetic instruments. So they use strings for a heavier sound." described Revan.

"I think that song will suit that kind of band." commented Carth.

"Good, thanks for the feedback."

Revan walked out of the cockpit and found Jaden observing Visas train Dustil. Jaden noticed Revan and gave him a smile, Revan smiled back and gave a nod. Revan was happy to see that his companion followed his advice.

The Ebon Hawk landed in a Delreian spaceport and were welcomed warmly by a few priests. "Ah Revan, Bastila, and companions. We've been expecting you. First we must ask you some questions." told the head priest.

"Ask away." told Revan.

"Revan... who do you want as the first male?" asked the priest.

"My best friend: Carth Onasi."

"Good, good." replied the preist "Bastila..."

"I would have to say: Brianna."

"Well... That was fast, thanks... This way please." requested the priest.

Minutes later, everyone made their way to a small temple. Revan and Bastila liked the idea because if the temple was too big, they would attract the attention of the Sith. Revan walked over to Carth "Can you hold on to my holocron and give it to the band after the: "main event"?" Revan asked.


"Thanks, First Male."

Bastila walked over to Brianna, "May you hold on to these, please?" requested Bastila.

"Sure, but what are they?" Brianna asked.

"My gifts to me and Revan... At some point before we kiss, can you give these to him and I?" asked Bastila.


"Thank you."

Moments later, everyone was standing inside the temple, Revan and Bastila standing face to face. "On the request of both Revan Skywalker and Bastila Shan, we are going to shorten this wedding for reasons of safety... Now... We are here today to complete the Force Bond between these two Jedi, with the final part of love... If there is anyone who would like to donate to these two people, please do it now."

"Do it now." Brianna heard through the Force. Brianna walked to Bastila and gave her two small boxes, Bastila took them and presented one to Revan.
They both opened them to find smoothened saber crystals, Revan's blue, Bastila's Yellow. "Anything else?" asked the priest.

"I'll present mine at the small celebration."

"Very well... You may kiss her." told the priest. Revan pulled Bastila towards him and kissed her, doing so, Bastila ran her hand down his arm.

Minutes later everyone was holding a glass with a certain drink in it, either: Molson Delreian, Rare Tarisian Ale, or just plain water. After one glass of Molson Delreian, Carth walked over to the band and handed the holocron over to them, just as Revan asked him to. The band examined the song very carefully and then changed instuments to ones that will suit the song properly. Revan offered Bastila his hand, "You'll hear what I was hiding."

"Looking forward to it." replied Bastila and accepted his offer for a dance.

The musicians going by the names of Jimmy and Jon started playing a soothing tune on their intruments, then it got heavier when the percussionist who was also named Jon joined in, then it went softer, singer Rob started singing "There as I left, it's the same as I'm back. Though the road is tough sometimes, my love for you won't lack." then it got heavier the same way it did, except Rob added some more lyrics "Bright rays of love, each have several paths. In your arms sweet baby, our love won't split in half. Kind of makes me feel sometimes, that I didn't have to go. And as I left the hangar, I thought "no no no"." The music went softer again, "Changes fill my time, baby, that's alright with me. In the midst I think of you, and how it's got to be." The music went heavier than before and Rob continued to sing "Did you really need me baby? And did you need me bad? Did you really want me baby? The man you love so glad! Did you ever forget me baby? That I would hate! Cause you were my first love sweet baby, the one I loved so great!" After Rob finished those lyrics, Jimmy went into a solo.

"I never forgot about you." told Bastila.

"I always thought about you. replied Revan.

After Jimmy finished the solo, Rob began singing again "Through the eyes an' I sparkle, Senses growing keen. Taste your love along the way, See your feathers preen. Kind of makes makes me feel sometimes, Didn't have to grow. We are lovebirds of one nest, The nest is in our soul." The band went into another heavy moment and Rob was begining to near the bottom of the holocron "You're in my dreams, with no surprise to me. I always love to see your face the way it's ought to be. Bastila." The band went into an even heavier tune "Never gonna leave you, never again. Seven years gone, oh my gosh, seven years gone. Seven years gone, holdin' on, seven years gone" Rob kept repeating that 5 times until the band was done, they got some nice applause.

"This is what you were hiding?" asked Bastila.

"I wanted it to be a surprise." answered Revan. Bastila didn't know what to do, except kiss her new husband.

On Dantooine, Vandar was meditating, until he cracked a smile that Vrook noticed. "Is it Revan and Bastila?" asked Vrook.

"Yes Master Vrook, they're at extreme peace." answered Vandar.

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