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Chapter Six

After the celebration, everyone was either drunk, or tired. Revan and Bastila were sleeping, but Revan was having another vision. There was a huge flash of light and he saw himself on Coruscant, could this be the future? Revan thought to himself, but it couldn't be the future because he observed himself and determined the age was 16. Then he saw himself quickly be accompanied by his old friend Malak then Jaden. Revan scanned the area to find Bastila much younger, she was about 14. She was then accompanied by a friend of hers and her new friend (at the time), Juhani. Revan could hear the voices of everyone, even himself, Bastila and everyone else at long distances. "I think that you'll be getting a big reward from Atris and the rest of the council." Revan heard Malak say.

"What? For that little deed on Taris?" he heard himself ask.

"That's exactly what Malak is talking about, that's huge stuff." he heard Jaden state.

"Jaden Patrick Page, I had to, she was gonna get sold in an auction." Revan then looked over to Bastila and Juhani. "He's beautiful isn't he?" asked Juhani.

"The Jedi are not allowed to have such attachments... But he does look kind of handsome, one of the reason why I wish my mother didn't have me join the order." told Bastila.

"He's kind and heroic to, don't forget that." reminded Juhani. Revan looked back at himself and his friends. "That girl Bastila, she does look lovely, don't you think guys?" asked Revan.

"Oh she'd only be the girl for you." stated Jaden.

Revan saw another flash of light, then he found himself in a small room with Bastila, both a little bit older, by only 3 years. "Bastila, if we don't do something about it, we'll be speaking Mandalorian... We can win this war, together, me and you." Revan told.

"I-I-I... can't." replied Bastila with a deep sigh.

"Well I won't force you." told Revan.

"Good luck, and may the force be with you..." farewelled Bastila as Revan walked off "My love." she finished.

Revan saw another flash of light and found himself and Bastila in a Sith Interdictor Ship, both with their sabers up. "You cannot win Revan." stated Bastila. They both got ready to fight eachother until there was an explosion at Revan's feet, he fell dead on the floor. Bastila crawled over to him still senscing some life in him, Bastila stationed her hand over him and gave some life back into him. Bastila dragged him off the ship. The real Revan smiled and said: "Thank you, Bastila." but he was in a vision so he couldn't be heard.

Revan saw another flash of light to see him on the lower city of Taris. He saw a tall figure and he remembered it to be Brejik of the Black Vulkars. Revan looked around to find himself yet again, and Bastila in an opened cage. "You underestimate the strength of a Jedi's mind Brejik, a mistake you won't live to regret." told Bastila.

"VULKARS TO ME!!! KILL THIS WOMAN, KILL THE SWOOP RIDER, KILL THEM ALL!!!" roared Brejik. Revan saw himself run over to Brejik and quickly kill him, he was always a master of combat at close quarters. Revan saw a Vulkar try to kill Bastila from behind, but Revan quickly threw his vibrosword at him. "Well maybe those damn Vulkars will think twice about keeping a Jedi prisoner, as for you if you... Wait, you're Robert Plant aren't you?"

"Yes... are you okay?"

"I'm fine thank you."

"Let's go, Carth is waiting for us."

"Carth Onasi is alive? You are truly the bearer of good news. Please take me to Carth right away, between the three of us I'm sure we can find a way off this planet." ordered Bastila.

Revan saw another flash of light and saw him fighting Malak on the Leviathan. Bastila opened the door "This isn't over Malak." she force pushed Revan out of the room and then threw her saber at Malak. Malak caught it and shut the door. Carth pulled Revan away and brought him to the Ebon Hawk. Revan walked through the door, he wanted to see what happened to Bastila. Malak picked her up by the neck and started beating her to a pulp until she was uncouncious.

Revan saw another flash of light and the next place he was at was Rakata Prime. He saw himself and Bastila fighting eachother, himself trying his hardest to not hurt her. "The Force calls you home!" told Revan.

"Jedi propaganda." stated Bastila, she then fled knowing Revan was too powerful to best.

Revan saw another flash of light and he saw himself and Bastila on the Star Forge ready to fight again. After the first pause in battle, Revan attempted to convert her back. "Bastila, come back to the light... Face up to what you've done, I can help you." told Revan.

"NO! You're too late, you only want to help yourself." declined Bastila.

"In your heart you know that's not true!" Bastila attacked Revan again but Revan was too difficult to beat.

Bastila threw down her saber "Finish it, kill me."

"No Bastila, I can help you if you help me."

"I have fallen too deep. I am drowning in this sea of darkness, you have no choice."

"I will not kill you. I can redeem you if you let me."

"But will you trust me for me not to kill you? I can easily kill you to gain Malak's favour."

"I trust you enough to lower my defenses."

"I'll help you. I can use my battle meditation to help the Republic fleet."

"Thank you, you have begun your path to total redemption."

"Wait! Is there a place in your future for me? Do you love me?"

"I do love you Bastila."

"I love you too, with all of my heart."

"You're not afraid to love anymore?"

"After this? No. Nothing makes me feel more safe than to be loved by you."

"I'll end this once and for all... I will be back and in your arms."

"Good-bye my love, and may the Force be with you." Revan saw a continuing flash of light and in a glimpse he saw Bastila geitting stabbed. Revan shot out of bed.

Revan walked outside of the Ebon Hawk to be followed by his newlywed. "What's wrong?" asked Bastila.

"I had a vision." replied Revan.

"What was it?" she asked.

"It was a reminder of how we fell in love. Nothing more." told Revan trying to hide the last part. "Let's get back to sleep, we're going to work tomorrow."


Revan and Bastila went back to bed and got a well needed rest.

"Okay, so where do we search first?" asked Mira.

"I suggest the we meet with the government." suggested Jaden "Then ask for them to bring the young ones and their parents there so we can search for Force Adepts amongst them."

"That'll work, General." commented Bao-Dur.

"Bao-Dur, the war is 10 years past, you don't have to call me "General" anymore." told Jaden.

"If that's what you wish... Jaden." replied Bao-Dur.

"It's settled then." told Bastila.

"We'll go to the government and ask to bring the children there." told Revan "Let's go." Everyone follow Revan and Bastila to the government building "Carth, HK, T3, I want you to stay behind and guard the ship."

"Yes Sir."

"Beep beep whoop."

"Relieved Answer: As you desire master."

All the Jedi made their way to the main government building and asked to have an aquaintence with the Prime Minister. They were invited in. "Ah you must be the Jedi waiting at my door. I am Jackson, the Prime Minister of Delreia."

"We're looking to rebuild the order of the Jedi and chose to begin here." told Revan.

"We don't have that many Force sensitives here, in the past 7 years we only had so many, two fell to the... whatdoyacallit? Dark Side. I think their names were Revan and Malak." informed Jackson.

"Then Revan redeemed and killed Malak over an unknown world. And he's talking to you now." told Revan.

"Ah... Soooo I'll announce for anyone with any strange experience with their kids to come here at once." told Jackson

"Thank you." thanked Revan.

Hours later they were greeted by only 12 kids. "Hello, my name is Revan. I am from this planet. I sence that you kids are strong in the Force. That means you kid get to be Jedi." all the kids started conversing about their fortune "Can I get your names?" asked Revan.

"Jill Meleau."

"Zak Zepnam."

"Jean Blanc."

"James Howellet."

"Logan Howellet."

"Mikel Kenobi."

"Emily Kenobi."

"Welcome to the Jedi Order." told Revan.

"We will teach you the ways of the Force." told Bastila.

"And how defend yourself with a lightsaber." told Jaden.

"You will also study diplomacy, history and more." finished Brianna.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any room on our ship, so we'll have to send you to Coruscant by shuttle." told Revan. The kids started conversing that they were going to Coruscant.

"Well they sure do want this." stated Jackson.

"That's a good thing" replied Bastila.

"Let's get to Coruscant." told Revan.

Revan led everyone back to the hangar where Carth, T3 and HK were waiting for them. "I made a transmission to Coruscant of our coming." told Carth.

"And?" asked Revan.

"They've finished it."

"That's wonderful news." told Bastila.

"Living quarters and everything, even a council chamber."

"That's wonderful news indeed." told Revan "Let's go."

The Ebon Hawk and a Delreian shuttle made the jump to lightspeed back to Coruscant to train the kids.

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