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Chapter Seven

"We sure didn't get a lot of students on Delreia." told Bastila.

"But it's a good start." replied Revan.

"Should we choose who we get now?" asked Mical.

"I think we should choose when we land." suggested Brianna.

"Ya think?" asked Atton sarcastically.

"Well it is a good idea, so then we can all get to know the new acadamy." told Mira.

"Yeah, you're right." said Atton. Bastila left the room. "Revan, can I speak to you for a moment?" Bastila asked.

"Yes." replied Revan following her. Revan followed Bastila out of the room. "What do you want to speak to me about?" he asked.

"Your vision. You didn't tell me all about it. I know you didn't." told Bastila.

Revan sighed "I didn't tell you because it was our wedding day. I didn't want to spoil it with bad thoughts."

"I'm your wife. You can tell me."

"You die by the hand of Malus... I will not let that happen."

"I won't die. I promise you." told Bastila.

"No I promise you." replied Revan "There is a calm that will last for some time, I can sense it. But events have been set in motion that can't be reversed. The Sith have returned, Malus is in hiding, and I sence he will be gathering up an army. There will be a war and the Jedi can not stand still... We will have to fight. I hope that what I'm saying is not true."

"If there is a war... I will fight beside you... Together. With you, my love." declared Bastila.

"I don't want to put you in harm's way." reminded Revan.

"You won't. I will follow you anywhere. On my own free will. You will always have my loyalty, and love." told Bastila. Bastila pulled Revan in for a kiss.

"Visas?" asked Jaden.

"My life for yours." replied Visas.

"You never told me what happened to your eyesight." told Jaden.

"I'll show you." Visas pulled off her red headcloth and Jaden saw two empty eye sockets and her long hair down as well "See anything you admire?" she


"I can hear you walking over to me." observed Visas. Jaden clutched her arms and kissed her, Visas ran her hand down Jaden's head. "I never kissed a man before." told Visas "I loved it."

"I will cherish this moment forever."

The Ebon Hawk and Delreian shuttle landed and everyone got off. "First we all will explore the temple." told Revan. Everyone scattered out to check out the temple. There were thousands of rooms, hundreds of sleeping quarters and council rooms. Revan walked up to his door and put in: "Revan and Bastila". Jaden walked up to his and put in: "Jaden and Visas". Everyone picked their rooms and after half an hour, everyone got comfortable. Revan even offered Carth a room, he accepted. Brianna made her way to the transmission room "Planet: Telos... Region: Polar..."

"Brianna...?" said a voice with a lot of static.


"Brianna, where are you?" asked the voice.

"Coruscant. In the new Jedi Temple." replied Brianna.

"Who authorized the rebuilding of the temple?"

"Revan Skywalker." told Brianna "He has banded us together and we're rebuilding the Order. I came here on my own free will to ask if you want to help. Please Atris."

"Yes, I will come at once." told Atris. Brianna searched the temple to find Revan. When she did, she informed him that Atris will be coming. Revan was
most happy of the news.

Revan summoned everyone to the Council Chamber where they would begin to chose their students. Only one chair remained and it was reserved for Atris. "Emily, Mikel, you will be assigned to me and Bastila." told Revan. The Kenobi twins walked over beside Revan and Bastila. "James, Logan, you will be assigned to Jaden and Visas." The Howellet brothers walked over to and beside Jaden, Visas and Dustil. "Zak Zepnam, you will be assigned to Atton." Zak walked up beside Atton. "Jill Meleau, you will be assigned to Brianna." Jill walked up to Brianna and stood beside her. "Jean Blanc, you will be assigned to Mira." Jean stood beside Mira. "These will be your masters until you achieve the status of Jedi Knight, then you'll be able to train your own students." explained Revan.

Everyone went to their own personal training rooms where the masters would ask a few questions. After that was done, Revan walked over to the console where he entered their classes. It read:
Mikel Kenobi: Jedi Guardian
Emily Kenobi: Jedi Sentinal
Jill Meleau: Jedi Consular
James Howellet: Jedi Guardian
Logan Howellet: Jedi Guardian
Zak Zepnam: Jedi Consular
Jean Blanc: Jedi Sentinal

Half an hour later a ship arrived, Carth recognized the ship because it was of Telos origin. A figure in white walked out and Brianna regognized it immediatly. It was Atris, ready to serve as a Jedi once again. Brianna showed her around the temple and told her that she had a council member's seat.

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