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Chapter Nine

James lunged at his brother and Logan defended. Logan pushed him back, James raised his vibrosword over his head showing his mastery of the Djem So fighting style. Logan twirreled his sword and brought it behind his head, still pointing it forward, he raised his two fingers and pointed them at his brother's eyes, having mastered the Soreseu style. Jean entered the room and sat down. James turned his head in her direction and made a quick wave. Logan attacked and Jean giggled. "Focus on our duel, brother." he told.

"We have an observer." replied James.

"I can see that in the Force. Try it sometime."

"I saw how beautiful she was in the Force. I looked at her to make sure."
Logan didn't make a response, his brother outwitted him, as usuall. Jean overheard their quarrel and laughed. James used the force to push his brother away. He hit the wall hard. When he got up, he found his brother's sword pointed at his face.

"Okay, you win." stated Logan "But I will beat you someday."

"You did good, I'll give you that. Maybe you should consider a different style, such as Ataru, or maybe Bastila's Juyo." suggested James.

"I'm fine, thank you." replied Logan.

Jean started clapping, "Well done." she commented.

"Thank you." James replied.

James saw Jean, the one girl she admired, studying Jedi history. "I hear that Revan's ancestor, Tudo'Val, was the creator, and that his brother created the Sith." he explained.

"You hear correct." replied Jean.

"Hey umm..."

"Yes?" Jean interrupted.



"Hey, since I'm in here, umm..."


"Umm... Can I study with you?"

"Sure, we can study the construction of a lightsaber." suggested Jean.

"Yeah, sure."

James and Jean studied a holocron on lightsaber construction. "What colour are you going to have your saber as?" asked James.

"Oh I think I'll have it either viridian or violet." answered Jean "What about you?"

"I think I'll either have it cyan or orange." replied James.

"I think that orange will suit you the best." suggested Jean.



"Well I think that viridian will suit you the best." suggested James.

"Why thank you."

"Your welcome."

"I can ask my master for our crystals, I can get you a viridian one." told James.

"You can? Thanks."

"Wait here, I'll be back."

James ran to find either Visas or Jaden. He ran to the council chamber and
found Jaden there. "Master Jaden."

"Yes James?"

"I need some saber crystals. For me and Jean."

"Which colours?" asked Jaden.

"Viridian for Jean and orange for me."

"Well there are no crystal caves on Coruscant, so I'll let you have them."

"Thank you master."

"You wish to develop a relationship with her?" asked Jaden.

"...Yes" James answered.

"There is no embarrasment in this, not in this era."

"Were the Jedi allowed to love before the new order?" asked James.

"When Tudo'Val began the order, he allowed it. But then it was forbidden when he died." Jaden explained.

"Revan and Bastila abolished that rule?" James asked.

"Yes, they felt if they should love, then everyone else should be allowed."

"What about you."

"I have an intimate relationship with Visas."

"Oh. Well I should get back to Jean." told James.

"I'll see you later."

James ran back to Jean with his crystals in hand. "One viridian crystal for you, and I have my orange one."

"Thank you, you really are a nice guy."

"You want to do something later?" asked James.

"Yes I'd love that." Jean answered.

"I love you."

Jean blushed "Umm... I'll see you later."

"I'm looking forward to it."

Both walked away smiling.

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