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Chapter Ten

The next day, James was looking forward to spending more time with Jean. James got his robe on and started searching the temple for Jean. Jean waited in the courtyard for him. James found her there and sat down beside
her "You're a hard girl to find." he said.

"Well it shouldn't be too hard for some people like us." Jean replied.

"Tell me about your childhood on Deralia." told James.

"It's a sad story, I really don't think I wanna talk about it."

"Come on, you can tell me."

"Okay." told Jean reluctantly. "I was born into a poor family." she began. "My parents were almost never home, and they could barely keep enough food on the table for the both of us. I had to even starve for a day if there wasn't enough money."

"Wow... No offence but I was born into a rich family and I never knew how bad being... umm..."


"I wanted to put it in more modest terms but we'll go with that. I never knew how bad that could be."

"You can only know if you experience it."

"I always claimed: "Our luck will change, parents, I know it will." I hoped I knew that would happen."

"It didn't, did it not?" asked James.

"No... My father would hit me out of anger. Because he overreacted out of fear."

"That's horrible. I feel awful for you."

"I didn't hate him. I still loved him. I just pityed him."

"What was his line of work?" asked James.

"He volunteered. Hoping he'd get paid." answered Jean.

"Did he?"

"Not all the time."

"Did it get any worse?"

"Yes. When we were bankrupt, he blamed it all on me, for being born. The next day *sniff* he tried to get rid of me."

"I take it that it wasn't the "Get out of here" way."

"It involved a rope and an open window. *sob* I left into streets." whimpered Jean. Jean layed her hean on James and started crying more. All James could do was just... hug her.

"I'm sorry I shouldnt've asked."

"I willl feel better." she whimpered.

"I hope so. It pains me to see you cry." stated James.

"I think now that I've shared it, I can stop hiding it... Thanks."

"For what?" he asked.

"For listening to me, for not treating me like a ragdoll. I wish I can repay you for at least listening to my life."

"You don't need too. Hearing your voice is enough."

"I think I know how." Jean pulled James towards her and pressed her lips against his. "You said you loved me, didn't you?" she asked.

"I did."

"I was speechless to reply the same thing. I finally found someone in my life who can love me without attempting to hang me from a window."

"I can assure you, I won't do that." both laughed. "I'll look after you. I'll make sure that you do not come to harm. Trust me." declared James. Both of them got up and began walking to their rooms.

"I'm glad to have spent this time with you." told Jean.

"Thank you for sharing your life story with me." James replied.

"First tell me. What is it like to be wealthy?" asked Jean.

"After I heard your story. I'd say that I am lucky to have food on my table." James answered. Both walked to their rooms. Damn, she was lucky just to be away from him. James thought to himself.

I'm lucky to be loved by him. Jean though.

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