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Chapter Ten

Malus roamed his throne room watching the constant lava bursts. Malus sensed his apprentice nearby and sat down. "What is it, Plagueis?" he asked.

"We have gotten word that the acadamies have been built." ansered Malus' apprentice: Darth Plagueis, a Muunlist from the planet Muun.

"Do you remember the planets I ordered them on?" Malus asked again.

"Yes, Master. A second one here on Mustafar. One on Sarapin. Then we rebuilt the one on Korriban. We found a cave suitable and big enough for training on Hoth. Tatooine, Revan and his band of followers will not find it there. And the fourth fragment of Malachor V, inside the Trayus Acadamy." explained Plagueis.

"Very good. The worlds of Hell will have my followers environmentally and battle hardened." told Malus.

"Excuse me, my master but... why did you say it like that?" Plagius asked.

"Because they are MINE to command! Not yours!" replied Malus angrily.

"I'm s-s-sorry my master, I meant no offence." apologized Plagueis.
Malus used the Force to pull his apprentice in slowly. As soon as he got within arm range he started beating him.

"I-HAVE-NO-TIME-FOR-APOLOGIES!" Malus let him down "Tell me why I picked a worthless peice of a tach gland like you as my apprentice." he ordered.

"Master... because I have found many Sith holocrons and brought them before you. I have beaten every Sith, save you, mentally and physically who tried to challenge me. And I am able to cheat death, through the Force and I can help you cheat yours."

Plagueis left. After minutes of meditating, he was called back in. "You need me?" he asked.

"I have a plan to lead the Jedi to their demise. The death of Revan. With him dead, the Jedi will have no great leader. The Jedi will crumble with his death." told Malus.

"How do you plan to do that?" asked Plagueis.

"His will needs to be eroded. Then brought to me." answerd Malus irritated.

"Who will do so?" Plagueis asked again. Malus got up, but this time he didn't have any intentions of beating Plagueis, he whispered in his ear, Plagueis then nodded. "I will send him at once."

Revan lay in bed sleeping with Bastila beside him. Revan had another vision, he heard familliar cries "Revan, help me!" It was Bastila. "Revan- ugh." Bastila then fell down with a pierce through her body. Revan saw himself run towards her. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't quick enough... to save you." he whimpered.

"Revan... I... love..." then Bastila would stop breathing.

Revan woke up breating very heavily. He walked to the courtyard and took some time to reflect on his vision. Revan then felt oddly, Bastila wasn't usually that far behind, in fact, she didn't find him at all. Revan walked hastily back to his room to find that Bastila wasn't there. Revan ran around the temple in search for her. He then checked the hangar to find a ship leaving. Revan attempted to pull it back, but the engines were too powerful to be hindered. Revan pulled one of his lightsabers out, ignited it, and threw it at the ship. Revan knew that Bastila was on board that ship, not the pilot, not the co-pilot or gunner, but a captive. All Revan could do was watch as his wife unwillingly left Coruscant.

Revan immedeatly ran to the transmission room and set in the coordinates for Dantooine. "Revan, what is it?" asked Vrook.

"Get to Coruscant! Now!" demanded Revan. Revan then ran to the control room and hit the alarm. Everyone knew it was a serious emergency if Revan was the one who pushed that button. Hours later Revan, Jaden, Visas, Atris, Brianna, Atton, Mira, Mical, Carth, Dustil, Mikel, Emily, Zak, Jill, Jean, James, Logan, Vrook and Vandar were in the briefing chamber. "The Sith have made the first move." told Revan.

"How? and where's Bastila?" asked Vrook.

"Not... here." Revan grumbled through his teeth.

"She has been taken captive by the Sith." stated Vandar. Everyone murmured about the most unfortunate event.

"She has been kidnapped by the Sith. If we rescue her, we will be led to the Sith. And we can bring peace to the galaxy, once and for all." Revan told.

"Revan our numbers are too few." told Atris.

"So are the Republic's" replied Carth "The battle over Rakata Prime seven years ago and the battle of Telos two years ago has left us crippled. We need to wait."

"I can't leave my wife to face the wrath of Malus. You have no idea how much she means to me. Please, help me find her." begged Revan.

"I know exactly how you feel, Revan. I lost my wife when Malak bombed Telos." replied Carth.

"Was she kidnapped from you right under your nose?" asked Revan.

"That's not the point." told Carth.

"Well if none of you will help me... then I'm going to find her myself."

Revan left the briefing room, he met up with his droids and the headed towards the hangar. Jaden stopped him "Revan! You must not do this."

"And why not?"

"Because it is just what Malus wants of you. Erode your will and kill you when you're weakest."

"I have to find her. I can't live without her."

"If she dies, you will have to let go of the thought."

"You of all people know how long a wound can take to heal."

"This is not about my relationship with the Force, Revan."

"Your wound cannot be healed, Jaden. And if Bastila is killed, that will leave a wound that will never heal." Revan stormed off into the hangar.

Visas walked behind Jaden, "Let him go, it is what he must do." told Visas.

"Revan is more value to the Jedi than all of us knows. I don't even know how big of a value he carries."

"He must rescue Bastila or he won't have that value."

"I guess you're right, Visas."

The ship that too Bastila landed on Mustafar. Malus waited in the hangar to see his new captive. A bounty hunter brought Bastila out hands, feet and knees bound, and mouth and eyes covered. "Thank you, Calo." said Malus.

"You're welcome Malus, now can I have my money?" asked Calo Nord, an old enemy of Revan's.

"I actually have one more job for you. To be safe, I want you to make an asassination attemp on Revan. If you fail I want you to meet him back on this planet."

"I faked death from him twice, I can do it a third if he bests me."

"I must warn you. Do not underestimate him. He took my right arm because of my arrogance." warned Malus.

"I see." said Calo, looking at the cloak covering Malus' right arm.

"Now find him."

Revan's first planet to search was: Korriban. The acadamy and tombs were deserted, but rebuilt. Revan roamed through the tomb of Naga Sadow only to find the Star Map he encountered seven years ago. "Query: Master, is this not the Star Map you encountered here, seven years ago?" asked HK.

"This is. There is nothing special about it, I know where Rakata Prime is." told Revan.

"*Beep* *Dreet* *Whoop* *Beep* (Master, but it does not lead to Rakata Prime.)" explained T3.

"Translation: He is saying that this Star Map has been reprogrammed."

"What? How?" asked Revan hastily.

"Statement: I think that it has been intentionally reprogrammed to lead you somewhere."

The Star Map showed planets other than Kashyyyk and Mannan. "Tatooine, Sarapin, Hoth. And Malachor V?"

"Completion: Malachor V-4 to be exact."

"We must revisit each of these planets if we are to find where Malus is holding Bastila." told Revan.

"Mockery: Then when you do, you can fly to her and press your slimy, mucus covered lips together like you always do."

"I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that. Now get back to the ship."

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