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Chapter Eleven

The Ebon Hawk landed on the landing pad of Anchorhead Spaceport. Again, when he emerged, he was met by a Czerka representitive. "Welcome to Anchorhead. Unfortunately, your ship was not on the docking schedules. So
I'm going to have to ask you for one hundred credits for the docking fee." he explained.

Revan waved his hand "I don't need to pay the docking fee, I'm in a hurry so get out of my way."

"You know what? I really don't think you need to pay the docking fee. And since you're in a hurry, I'll leave you to your business."

Revan roamed Anchorhead trying to find the exit to the dune sea. He came across Yuka Laga's droid shop. He decided that his droids might need some upgrades, so he decided to enter. Again he was greeted by Yuka Laga "Greetings sentient. How may I be of service to you?" he asked.

"Threat: If you cheat my master like you did seven years ago, I will tear off your flat head and flatten it even more!"

"Excuse me, but I think I recognized your droid."

"You should, you sold him to me." replied Revan.

"What droid was he?"

"He was a specially modified HK series assassin droid."

"Oh yes, I remember now. I think he was modified by Czerka."

"No. Darth Revan was the one who built him, modified him, and gave him the term "meatbag"!"

"Wow! How did you extract that from him?" Yuka asked.

"Because after his safeguards unlocked, we both found out that it was me who built him, modified him, and gave him the term "meatbag"."

"You're Darth Revan?"

"Just Revan. The path of the dark lord is behind me now?"

"So... that HK unit was yours to begin with?"


"Then I should've sold him higher. I'm going to ask for two-thousand more

"You tried to cheat me before, it won't happen again."

"Then I can't allow you to leave."

"If you won't let me leave, then I'll let HK settle a seven year grudge."

"Query: Can I-"

"Say let's talk a deal." interrrupted Yuka "One-thousand?"

"Let us leave."

"Seven Fifty."



"Okay, I'm just going to donate fifty and be off." Revan left behind fifty credits and left the shop.

Revan found the exit to the dune sea. "I can't allow you to pass unless you have a hunting liscence." told the guard.

Revan searched his pockets until he found his hunting liscence. "Here you go." said Revan presenting it to the guard.

"This is an old one, but I'll let you pass. Good hunting... Robert Plant?"

"Uhh, yes."

Revan recognized the entire area, with the exception of the sand crawler that was there when he last visited. Revan roamed the dune sea and found a path that led him to the eastern dune sea. He was ambushed by a bunch of sand people, but Revan ignited one of his sabers and his droids and him easily took care of them. Revan entered the easten dune sea, only to find more sand people, but they were of no consequence, Revan cut them down as if they were unarmed people. Revan found the lair of the Krayt Dragon. One thing that he didn't recognize, was that the entrance was cut off with a big gate. Revan killed droid guards and started cutting a hole through the gate. The alarm triggered and a huge force of Sith Initiates and Masters were waiting for him at the door. "So. Is this what my former faction has become? Attacking a lone Jedi with a huge force?" Revan taunted.

"Enough. Die already." said one of the Sith Masters.

"It is only my intention here to find the Star Map and move on. But I will kill any of you who decide to stand in my way." warned Revan. Some of the initiates ran to saftey, but they were killed by their masters. The Sith attacked Revan without hesitation, but they were no match for one so powerful. Revan cut them all down, only using one of his sabers too.

Revan cut down every Sith that decided to stand in his way. Every Sith that lived ended up fleeing through the back tunnels. There was only one person who stood between him and the Star Map. Calo Nord. "Calo Nord."

"Darth Revan."

"Well Calo, alive would certainly be the last state I'd expect to find you."

"Really. I am hard to kill."

"It is not my intention to fight you, nor was it my intention to cut down anyone who stood in my path, but I will do what is necessary if you raise your blasters." warned Revan.

"You escaped from my grasp twice, seven years ago. I will not allow a third time."

"So be it." Revan ignited his second saber. Calo threw a flash grenade right a Revan's feet and exploded.

"You will die here today, Revan." told Calo. Calo fired a couple blaster shots, but Revan blocked all of them.

"If you think I'll be hindered by a flash grenade, you're sorely mistaken." told Revan.


"You'll find the Force is surprising." Revan jumped infront of Calo and cut him down. There was no longer anyone standing in Revan's path towards the Star Map. Revan inserted his datapad and downloaded the coordinates he could. They weren't the full deal, but it was a start.

Back on Mustafar, Malus walked into the prison chambers to have a little chat with Bastila. She was in the middle of the room and chained to the floor. Her right arm of her bodysuit was ripped off and hanging down at the wrist, and she had crusted blood and fresh scars. "Your husband has found the second Star Map on Tatooines. I'm impressed my dear." told Malus.

"You'll find he's full of surprises."

"I'm not surprised though that he went to search for you alone."

All Bastila did was frown. "What do you intend to do with him?" she asked.

"I plan to erode his will and then have him killed."

"You're a fool Malus, he will not be defeated that easily." Out of anger, Malus struck Bastila with lightning ceaselessly. When he got tired of torturing her, he ordered his guards to torture her, not using the Force, but any way they wanted.

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