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"To be stricktly honest, it's been in my head only for the last year. Before that I just approached for the position on the Sith Leading Council that's based on Roon and to lead a criminal empire to corrupt the Republic. If you must know, as the jedi don't probably know this, Roon is the central planet in the Cloak of the Sith. A sanctuary of sorts. You will be sent there eventualy to ahieve the status of a Sith Master" he said and took a step towards her, a sleek smile on his face.

"I'm glad you see my ways. I represent a minority of the Sith who hide inside the Cloak of the Sith. I will also request from you that you will not harm the civilians. I have seen the ways of Palpatine and the effects of the Tarkin Doctrine. As an old friend of mine living beyond the Unknown regions once told me a local saying: Divide et impera, Divide and Rule. The point is, that if we concentrate on all planets as individuals more than as the Sith Dominion and give them different things as rewards, we can maintain a stable society. This is something Palpatine never got, even if he was one of the best strategists in the rows of the Sith. He was too greedy. Unfortunately, it is most proable that at some point we must also fight my old master who is in charge of the Imperial Remnants. I would not be surprised to see his ships with Republic ones when they come to take their planets back" he said and turned back to see the space. The commander walked by to check up on the state of radiness of the troops if they would need further assistance on Kamino. Tepe signalled for the Commander to come over and he did, bowing as he stopped infront of his Lord.

"You did well down there, Commander. And for that, you are now a Colonel and have been transferred to the 2nd army"
"2nd army, sire? Is that not one of your armies?"
"Yes, Colonel, it is. Any more questions?"
"well... Should I not be a major, sire?"
"Are you resisting the skipping of one rank, Colonel?"
"No, sire! Thank you, sire"
"Good. You are dismissed"

The newly promoted Colonel bowed and left the bridge. The Dark Lord chuckled and turned to see Charna.
"Keep good ties to your officers. They will not be loyal unless you give them the respect they need from their superior officer. Fear is a way to rule, but a wrong way in the Sith Dominion military" he said and nodded to her for the next question.

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