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Chapter Twelve

"Master, we dug out a cave on Hoth and we are already training many students." stated Plagueis.

"Very good. Revan will either die to our students, the cold or the wampas." replied Malus.

Revan got back aboard his ship. "Quadrant: Core, Planet: Coruscant, Location: Jedi Temple." Revan waited for his transmission to come through, then it was picked up by Jaden.

"Revan?" Jaden asked.

"Yes Jaden." answered Revan.

"Revan where are you?"

"I'm leaving Tatooine and heading for Hoth" explained Revan.

"Hoth?" Jaden asked.

"A snowy planet in the Hoth system."

"Why would you be going there?" Jaden asked "Malus would not've taken Bastila there."

"I know, but I will find some answers there." told Revan.

"Why did you transmit us then?" asked Jaden.

"I need you to help me." answered Revan "There are events set in motion that can't be re-written, I predicted before that the Sith would make their move, they did. I am also predicting that if we do not stike on the final planet, the Sith will attack us when their force is too big."

Carth walked into the room, "Have you found where Revan's going?" he asked.

"He openly admitted that he is finding Star Maps." told Jaden.

"But he already knows where Rakata Prime is, I don't see the point." pondered Carth.

"The Star Maps on Tatooine and Korriban were reprogrammed. And three have been built on Hoth, Sarapin and Malachor V-4." told Jaden.

"So, if he finds those, he finds Bastila?" asked Carth.

"And possibly his demise." added Jaden.

"How so?" asked Carth.

"When he finds Bastila, He'll want to keep her alive. If she is in danger, Revan will prevent her death." told Jaden.

"Even if...?"

"It means his."

"We have to gather an army, If there was anyone you helped during your exile, Jaden, get them to help us." told Carth.

"What will you do?" Jaden asked.

"I'll gather the army at Telos and combine them with the TSF forces along with the Ithorians who might be willing to help us." replied Carth.

"Understood, I'll go to Dantooine, Dxun, then Onderon."

"Tell them to meet at Telos."


Revan left the transmission and made the jump to lightspeed. He decided to rest for he knew what Hoth was like as he remembered his experience as the Dark Lord. Revan had another vision. It was the same one he always had, and he woke up breathing heavily. "Observation: Maser, we are coming up on Hoth."

"That's good HK. I'm going to have to ask you and T3 to watch the ship and I'll have to go alone."

"Memory/Guess: I think you want us to stay to guard because we'll probably get mauled by Wampas or rust in the cold."

"That's right HK."

"Relieved Explanation: I'll stay."

Revan put on his cloak and battle mask and left the Ebon Hawk. Revan could sense the Dark Side energy of the Star Map, so he was being led in the right direction. Along the way, Revan was ambushed by a horde of wampas. In a way that battle was good for him, it kept him warm of the freezing cold. In a matter of minutes, Revan was victorious. Revan roamed Hoth even more until he saw an opening. He immediatly ran inside, he felt the Dark Side getting stronger. He wasn't welcomed warmly (He never is) every Sith had their sabers up. Revan ignited his saber and most of the Sith began to shake. The Sith threw everything they had at him, but they couldn't stop him from getting the Star Map. Revan walked back to the Ebon Hawk unphased. "Cheerful Obervation: It is good to see you in one piece, master."

"It's good to see you both. Come, we fly to Sarapin."

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