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Chapter Fourteen

The Ebon Hawk exited hyperspace and found a safe place to land on Sarapin. Everyone prepared to exit but T3. "T3, come on."

"Dwooo, dwooooooo."

"Okay, you can stay. But keep the ship fired up."

"Query: Master, do you think I'll get to kill something on this planet?"

"Only if we have to HK." Revan and HK left the ship on extreme caution, knowing that Sarapin was the home to the vicious Vaapad. Revan and HK walked for an hour in search for the Sith Acadamy, but unfortunately, they were attacked by a Vaapad. Many Sith on this planet practiced the form Juyo, for the Vaapad was so quick, Juyo was born from them. Luckily for Revan, he was a master in all eleven forms. Revan utilized Juyo and blocked everything the Vaapad had to offer. Revan killed the Vaapad quickly, but he was attacked by another one. It started whipping him with it's many tentacles, but HK came to his assistance and shot it in the eye. Revan jumped up and finished the job. "Thanks HK."

"Proud Statement/Query: You're welcome master. Aren't you glad you have me around?"

"Seven years ago I wasn't. But now, I am."

"Statement: Thank you master."

"You have nothing to thank from me, I should be thanking you."

"Correction: You built me."

"Correct. Let's just get the Star Map."

"As You desire, master."

Revan and HK continued to roam Sarapin in search of the acadamy. A few hours and vaapads later, they were there. "HK, if you're going to enter with me, I need you to be extremely careful."

"Query: Why so?"

"Because the all the Sith here are likely Juyo pratitioners. It is a very fast saber style."

"Statement: I'll be on my best guard."

"Remind me to download some vibroblade combat knowledge into you when we get back to the Ebon Hawk."

Revan and HK cauiously walked the Sith Acadamy on their guard for Sith ambushes. Revan and HK walked safely to the Star Map chamber. "This was too easy." Revan said to himself as he downloaded the data from the Star Map.

"Why you are too easy to fool, Revan." said a Sith Lord. A second later, the entire acadamy lit their lightsabers.

"Damn...! HK, this fight is way more than the both of us can handle. Run back to the Hawk." ordered Revan.

"Statement: Even an assassin droid like me is smart enough to avoid a battle as one sided as this." HK set a mine and Revan threw a thermal detonator, but only phased a couple Sith. The Sith Master used the Force and threw an initiate onto the mine, therefore clearing the way. Revan and HK were chased by an armada of Sith and then vaapads. HK immediatly ran aboard the Ebon Hawk and Revan jumped aboard as T3 slowly raised the ship off the ground. Revan was not safe yet, he was followed by some arrogant initiates, but Revan ended their lives. "Okay HK, I'm gonna download the ability of using vibroblades and lightsabers and use of the eleven lightsaber forms."

"Query: Will it hurt?"

"I don't think so, but it'll work better for you in the long run."

"Statement: Open the chasis-"

"HK! I remember."

An hour later, "And now re-wire-"

"Did I do some memory damage?"

"You didn't, but an HK-50 assassin droid on Peragus did."

"Oh well, now you know. Can you recite the eleven forms? Just to make sure it works?" asked Revan.

"Recital: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soreseu, Ataru, Shien, Djem So, Niman, Juyo, Sokan, Jar'Kai, and Form Zero."

"Good, very good. Now try and see if the combat programming will work." HK grabbed a vibroblade and started swinging it around, Revan smiled. "For a droid, that's very good form."

Revan jumped back into the cockpit seat and set a course for Malachor V-4.

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