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Chapter Sixteen

"Jaden, Carth!" called Visas "Revan has left Malachor."

"That sure was fast! He must've not encountered the hell after all." answered Jaden.

"He cut it off from the Force, therefore killing it." explained Visas.

"It would've taken three Jedi to cut me off from the Force, and it takes a Jedi as strong as Revan to drain the one's who even tried." Jaden thought out loud.

"She didn't kill Vrook, wasn't strong enough for him." told Visas.

"Who gives a damn now?" asked Carth impatiently "Get the rest of the Jedi and we can start tracking Revan."

"Yes. Our apprentices have finished their training, they're fully fledged Jedi Knights now." Jaden walked over to the microphone to call the other Jedi to the hangar "Brianna, Atton, Mira, Mical, Dustil, Mikel, Emily, Zak, Jill, Jean, James, Logan, Vrook, Vandar." he called. All ran to the hangar to find Jaden. "We're going to find Revan, we owe him. He banded us as one, it's the least we can do."

"He defied us one to many times." told Vrook "We shouldn't help him."

"Whoever's with us, come, if not... Don't follow." ordered Jaden.

Everyone but Vrook went to go assist Revan. "Watch the acadamy." told Jaden.

"Whatever happens, stay with me. I'll protect you." James told to Jean. Jean kissed James.

The Ebon Hawk landed on Mustafar. "Statement: HK-47 is ready to KILL!"

"No you're not."


"No, HK! I am going alone. This matter is personal."

"Irritated answer: Acknowledged."


"Master, Revan has landed on Mustafar." told Plagueis.

"Good. Kill her." ordered Malus.

Revan ran through the lava refineries rooms and chambers frantically in search for his loved one, screaming "BASTILA! BASTILA!" Revan sensed that she was in greater danger every step he took. Revan paused his search for a while and tried to track her using the Force. He then knew the exact way to go. He followed more corridors and shortcuts through rooms. He sensed the Dark Side getting closer to her. In Bastila's prison chamber, a Sith Marauder came through the door and put a lightsaber to her belly. Bastila shut her eyes, bit her lip and prepared for the worst. To her surprise, the stab was inaccurate. To her surprise, her right chain was cut. To her surprise, the door was at the other end of the room. When the door fell, she saw crushed bones, a flattende fixture, blood and guts everywhere. Malus saw through a video camera, his assassin's failiure. He was angred and pushed a button on his desk. Revan walked into the room, the first thing he started looking for was: Bastila. Revan immediately ran over to Bastila to get the other chain cut. But when he was almost there, there were many bolts of electricity. Malus had one more trick up his sleeve for eroding Revan's will. Revan heard his wife's frantic cry for help. He looked around to see what he could do. Revan ingited his sabers and started walking into the electric field. He was unharmed, for his sabers absorbed the bolts. Revan cut Bastila's left chain and carried her out to safety. He put his finger on her neck to find a pulse. He found none. Revan stationed his hand over Bastila and began using Force Heal. Revan could feel her heart beating, but very slow and she wasn't breathing. Revan panicked and began performing CPR. "One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten." Revan said as he started pushing on her chest to get the air flowing. Revan began the mouth to mouth step. He began blowing air into her. To his surprise, her tongue shot up right into his mouth.

"I knew you would come for me." said Basitla in a raspy voice.

"I thought I lost you." whimpered Revan.

"Malus... He's coming. We must go." told Bastila.

"Yes. We'll get back to Coruscant. I'll make sure you get back to perfect health." replied Revan.

"We don't have time to leave. He has an army here."

"Then I'll meet them head on." told Revan.

"No... I'll fight with you." told Bastila.

"Look at yourself. You're in no condition to fight."

"I will fight with you. And for you. To whatever end." replied Bastila.

Revan sighed, reached into his cloak and pulled out one of his lightsabers and gave it to Bastila. Bastila took the saber and took a deep breath as well. Revan and Bastila quietly began to make their way out of the refinery.

Just coming out from hyperspase was Carth Onasi and Jaden Page, leading the newfound army to meet with Revan. "Okay blockade the planet." ordered Carth. The Republicans, the TSF forces and the Onderon Military formed a blockade around Mustafar. "Canderous, lead your men down there and raid the facility."

"With pleasure." replied Canderous.

"Zaalbar, you can go with them." told Carth.

"Yes sir." growled Zaalbar.

The Sith sent space ships to puncture the blocade so some could escape. They had little success.

Back on Mustafar, Revan continued to lead Bastila back to the Ebon Hawk, until their presence was detected. A small platoon of Sith caught up to them. Revan and Bastila ignited their Sabers and killed them all. "You know, every time I see, your battle skills get better." said Revan trying to keep Bastila's mind off of Malus' torture.

Revan led Bastila back to the Ebon Hawk. They were just about to get aboard, until they heard someone shout "Don't go anywhere Revan." that man was Calo.

"Why won't you die?" asked Revan.

"I'm gonna enjoy this."

"Your going to enjoy it on me." told a Mandalorian "Go, Go, get her out of here.

Revan took Bastila aboard the Ebon Hawk and fired her up. Canderous on the other hand had some old battles that needed winning. "So, Canderous. You're a Mandalore now." observed Calo.

"You could never beat me, you runt of a gikza. I'll make sure you don't multiply here." Canderous unsucessfully intimidated.

"Nice try." said Calo drawing his blasters. Canderous immediately raised his repeater and fired a flurry at him. Canderous walked over his burned body and kicked it into the lava.

Hours later, the battle was over. Revan told Carth that the rescue mission was a success. And that he was happy to see his old friend again, and how fast his padawans grew. Carth told Revan that two ships breached the blockade and that it might be Malus. Revan ordered them to return home, for everyone had a tough day.

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