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Chapter Seventeen

Revan spent all of his time with Bastila the rescue misson on Mustafar. He wouldn't leave her alone, which started to irriate her a little bit. "We're on Coruscant, Revan. You don't have to watch over me every now and then." she told.

"Well I'm sorry for being protective." repleid Revan with a laugh.

"I already forgave you for that. You still have my love." reminded Bastila.

Revan notice Bastila working on a new lightsaber "I take it that Malus destroyed your other one."

"He did, I'm almost done this one." she said "I think that I've slowly began to follow you footsteps. I am walking your path as a Jedi Guardian."

"Well I did see improvement in your combat on Mustafar."

Bastila got up and ignited her new saber. Revan looked in awe to see her wife's talent. A bright Cyan light shone in their faces. Bastila turned it off and put it away. "Great work, my love." Revan complimented.

"Thank you." she replied.

Revan left to the council chamber to find Carth and Jaden staring out the window to the new army. "I have to admit, without your help, Bastila and I wouldn'tve walked out alive." Revan admitted "We emerged victorious."

"Malus lives." told Vandar walking in "Far from over this is. Begun the Second Sith War Has."

Malus fled to Korriban and was greeted by the overseer there. "Malus. Why is Plagueis not with you?" he asked.

"The coward fled in fear." Malus replied "When I said I'd kill him, I meant it."

"Well why are you here, my lord?" the overseer asked.

"I am here for the relics of old." told Malus.

"Ressurection in order?"

"We have begun a war and lost the first battle. I'm going to need liutenents."

"Yes master, I'll retrieve it now."

The overseer ran to the relic vault to grab the Sith relics. He immediatly ran back to them right to Malus. Malus took Relics and looked at The Pike Of Luyoni Skywalker. First Dark Jedi and trainer of Marka Ragnos. "Good. He'll be the first." he said.

Malus walked over to the largest tomb on Korriban, for it was the tomb of Luyoni Skywalker. Malus entered the tomb and stuck the pike into the tomb's altar. "Sith of the old, Lord of Foundation. Live again, I command you." chanted Malus. There was a big energy blast that shot Malus back against the wall. Then, from the tomb, arised the Lord of Foundation. Revan's second ansector.

"Who disturbs my rest?" Luyoni asked.

"I have come to return your pike, so you are in complete rest." explained Malus.

"My pike. Give it to me." he demanded.

"Ah ah ah. First you must do something for me first."

"What is it?" Luyoni asked.

"Bow down to me and call me master. I will give your pike back, but you must serve me." ordered Malus.

Luyoni bowed "Yes... Master." he growled.

"Good, I'll live up to my end, now you must live up to your second part. Serve me in the war which has came." Malus gave Luyoni his pike and he followed Malus out of the tomb.

Malus walked onto the tomb of Ajunta Pall, The Lord of Dispair. bribing his sword in exchange for his service.

Malus then waked to the tomb of his grandfather: Marka Ragnos. The Lord of Power. "Grandfather. I have your scepter. Please take it, and please help me."

"Grandson. I'll help you. Who is your enemy in the war that has come?" Marka asked.

"Revan. He has followed the ways of the light. And has a large army behind him."

"So is this why you wish to ressurect the Sith lords?" asked Marka

"Yes. Help me, with your scepter."


Malus then waked to the tomb of Naga Sadow, The Desiple of Power. Giving him his lightsaber and poison blade. For his service.

His journey led him to the tomb of Tulak Hord, The Lord of Combat. Promises of power were his modivation.

Malus' last destination was the long lost tomb of Ludo Kressh, The True Disiple of Power, in the Shyrack Caves. Malus walked the paths of Jaden Page. And found the tomb of Sadow's successor. He was pretty hard to sway. Malus lied that he wouldn't have to work with Sadow. But every promise to them was broken when they reached the great temple. Malus had corrupted their minds and bound their powers to him. Malus was now nearly unstoppable. Malus laughed in his success.

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