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Chapter Eighteen

"My liutenents. Take Freedon back from the realm of the damned. He shall join us." ordered Malus. Malus then turned to a fresh captive, her hands shackled, mouth gaged, eyes covered, and restricted from using the Force "Well, with you I won't get Revan, but I'll lure the pawns in. One by one."

Back on Coruscant, Revan had assembled a council meeting for discussion on a rescue mission. "We have sent one of us to examine the problems on Dxun, but that Jedi hasn't returned." explained Revan "It would take a shorter time to investgate on a moon so small. We need to send someone to do a rescue mission."

"But who?" asked Bastila.

"I'll go. And I'll take Mandalore with me." told Atton.

"All in favour?" asked Revan. Everyone else raised their hands. "Good. Atton will take Mandalore to go to Dxun to rescue Mira."

Canderous gathered his army and he was awaited by Atton on his stealthship: The Infiltrator. "Now don't get comfortable. This isn't a pleasure cruise."

"I don't think I've ever had a pleasure cruise in my whole pathetic life." replied Atton.

"Well as long as you know, then we won't have any problems. Muderer." taunted Canderous.

"Did that old bitch get to you? I admitted it to Jaden, so now it's over." Atton growled through his teeth.

"No, she didn't get to me." replied Canderous "But for someone so old, she packs a huge argument. I hate her as much as you do."

"A Jedi doen't hate, I just dislike her. Very, very, verrry... much." Atton BSed.

"It sounds to me that you hate her." observed Canderous.

"Well anyway, she's old news. She was killed by Jaden, then her ghost was cut off from the Force by Revan."

"Again, my old adverary shows more strength. Why did you join him in the first place?" asked Canderous.

"Nope! I don't think we're ready for that conversation, yet." told Atton.

"Okay. Then answer this: why did you volunteer for this mission?" Canderous asked again.

"Because I care for this woman. And we'll leave it at that."

"Fair enough."

The Infiltrator, reached Dxun, and landed in a jungle clearing right beside Mira's starfighter. Atton and Canderous led a small platoon of Mandalorian elites. Atton led the way. Following Mira's tracks through the Force, Atton was getting closer to Gan Ragnos. One who Atton hoped not to see. Atton followed the tunnels into the Sith field, the place where he led both Mira and Brianna. Atton navigated it well, for he remembered it well. Before Atton knew it, he was standing in front of the Tomb of Freedon Nadd: The Lord of Conquest, yet again.

"Master!" called Malus' new apprentice.

"What is it?" he asked.

"We have sensed a Force Adept. Coming our way."

"Excellent. Kill him." ordered Malus.

"But sir... It isn't Revan, we can break his will and bind him to you."

Malus used Force Choke on his new apprentice and brought him in closer "Do you dare question my orders?"

"N-n-n-no. Your w-w-word is the law."

"Now go kill him you incompetent gikza." ordered Malus as he threw him towards the door.

Atton, Canderous and his platoon navigated the tomb very carefully. They came across a rather large, rather locked door. Atton remembered the door. "There must be a way to open this." told Xarga.

"Of course there is. Split up." ordered Canderous.

"I'll see if there's a way to open it here." told Atton.

"Okay, let's move out."

Canderous and Xarga went in oppisite directions while Atton stayed at the door trying to find a means of unlocking it. "Mira, I'm coming." Atton said to himself. Atton couldn't find a means of opening it from there so he decided to do it the old fasioned way: Making one. Atton ignited his orange and yellow sabers and attempted to thrust them through the door. To his surprise, it worked. Atton made an opening to just fit everyone through without them getting stuck.

Canderous and Xarga came running back "Sir, we have found no means of opening it sir." reported Xarga. Xarga looked at the opening, then Atton turned to him. "Umm... nevermind."

"Yeah. Let's go." ordered Atton.

Atton, Canderous and his platoon continued to search for Mira in the tomb. They checked the prison cells, but only found her lightsaber. It was undamaged, which could definately work to his advantage. Atton then decided to continue down the path which led directly to the sarcophagus of Freedon Nadd. Atton began running towards the door until he sensed the presence of Sith Assassins lurking in the shadows. The door to the sarcophagus room began closing. "GO. FIND YOUR FRIEND." told Canderous.

Atton jumped through the door to be greeted by Malus' apprentice. "Malus has ordered me to kill you. But I say your will can be broken."

"I think you, schutta, should follow his order." taunted Atton.

"Back down."

"Deliver me Mira and I'll leave."

"I can't allow that. You'll have to die then."

"Oh no, you're scaring me. Before you're dead, what should I call you?"

"Sadow. Zenneth Sadow."

Zenneth ignited his doublesaber, while Atton ignited his. Both anticipated their moves well. Atton elbowed him in the stomach, and rolled over his back. Atton attemped to skew him from behind, but Zenneth hit the deck and used the Force to slide right under Atton. Zenneth attemped to skew Atton but Atton kicked his elbow. Zenneth started using his doublesaber as a windmill to repell Atton and possibly veer him to his master. Atton grew tired of it and raised Zenneth off the ground. Atton walked towards him and broke his saber. Atton then grabbed his neck "Where the hell is Mira?" asked Atton. Zenneth gagged "TALK! DAMN YOU!" Zenneth pointed towards the sarcophagus chamber and his foot started to twitch. "Thanks." said Atton, right before he punched him in the face, knocking him unconcious. Atton found Mira and dragged her out into the hallway. Atton pulled out the gag and Mira spit in his face. Atton gave out a little growl and pulled off the blindfolds. "Atton?"

"I try to rescue you and this is the thanks I get?" asked Atton wiping the spit off his face.

"I thoungt you were Malus." whimpered Mira.

"It's okay. I'm here now." told Atton unshackling Mira. Mira saw Malus following them. Mira pushed Atton out of the way but she got hit on the face with a rock Malus threw seconds before.

"Damn Sith. Don't you have any class?" asked Atton.

"You didn't show the same to that Jedi you *loved*." told Malus. Atton remembered the last Jedi he tortured before he left the Sith. The Jedi that showed him the Force. Atton took a deep breath and ignited his sabers. "I thought you were the one for talk, Rand." told Malus.

"Let's get this over with." demanded Atton. Malus ignited his doublesaber, but kept his cloak on. It covered his right arm. The arm that Revan took. Malus still fought like he did before. Even with only one saber. Atton fought well but Malus caught him off guard and svered his arm off. Atton lay on the ground in pain, trying not to show fear, he only grunted. Malus was then going to deliver the killing blow, but Mira stayed his hand. The sweat from Mira's hand when she was captive lost her grip. Malus almost killed Atton, if it werent for him rolling out of the way. Malus tried to slash or skew Atton but he kept on rolling. Mira caught eye of her saber, she pulled it out of Atton's jacket, ignited her viridian blade and had a brief fight with Malus. To everyone's surprise, The Mandalorians set off a permecrete and everyone flew at least ten metres. Malus got up to see no one there except for his apprentice.

"Master UGH... GHAAA." Malus killed Zenneth for his failiure.

Back on the infiltrator Mira saw to Atton, they had a lot to talk about. "Who sent you to come?" asked Mira.

"I volunteered." said Atton in a raspy voice.

"That doesn't sound like you."

"The reasone why, is because I care for you... I love you."

Mira shed a tear "You risked your life out of love?" she asked.

"I did. But it might not work between us."


"A Jedi is too old for you."

"Jaden was one hundred years old at heart. That was the reason."

"So, what about us?"

"I think we hooked up a power couplink."

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