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Chapter Twenty

In the council chamber, the Jedi Council began to plan their next move. "We should conquer a world that would be vital to the Sith." suggested Brianna.

"I agree." replied Mical "A world of great value, lost to the Sith, should cripple their war effort."

"You are correct, Mical. There is a world in the wild space region that can clone living organisms. That's why the Sith have so many numbers." told Revan.

"I suggest we attack that planet." suggested Bastila.

"It is where the Sith are getting their army, Bastila. It will be heavily defended." told Jaden.

"Much must be risked in war." told Revan.

"Have you learned nothing?" asked Atris "That thought led you down the dark path in the first place."

"I'm willing to take chances, but I'll lead the front lines, so we lose less troops." replied Revan "I will go."



"No, I'll lead a force to that planet, and conquer it."

"If that is what you wish, then yes. I will send Carth with you." told Revan.

Brianna Kae and Carth Onasi readied an army of wookies, mandalorians and a small force of Jedi to go to the planet of cloners. "I'm sending you the co-ordinates of where we have picked up major amounts of energy. It is most likely the planet." told Revan.

"Hopefully there won't be much bloodshed." replied Brianna.

Carth found Brianna, training to a droid, "Why do you fight?" he asked.

"So my reflexes and mind are ready."

"I have seen you fight in battle. I like the way you mash Jedi combat with your Echani ways. Who were your family?" asked Carth.

"My father was Yusanis, a great Echani warrior, my Mother, Arren Kae, a Jedi Knight and my sisters. But I'm alone in a family."

"I have a son, and had a wife."

"What happened to her?"

"After Revan was usurped of the Dark Lord, Malak attacked my homeworld. Killing my wife."

"That's aweful. What happened to your son before joining the order?"

"He believed that I didn't care, so he joined the Sith. Revan and I told him that his best friend got killed because she was hindering him."

"So he decided to join Revan?"

"Yes. As Malak told us, "He could always inspire loyalty"." remembered Carth.

The ships came out of hyperspace, Carth and Brianna leading the army got ready to fight. Carth looked around, and saw many familiar things. "This planet... I've been here before. This planet is where we grew our army and how Revan and Malak grew theirs."

"What?" asked Brianna.

"I was to lead it's defence, we were almost successful, but we fell back. I lost something." continued Carth. Carth could hear many screams, but not of the present. It was of eight years ago. The middle years of the Jedi Civil wars. "I... I... BRIANNA! LOOK OUT!"

The Sith began attacking, Brianna got hit by some blaster shots and fell off the edge. Carth attempted to grab her, but he missed. But still Brianna stopped falling. She levitated up to safety. "I lost the Force." Carth said to himself. When Carth pulled Brianna up, he found something below the railing. He grabbed it and it was a doublesaber with a blue blade. "This was mine." he said. Carth pulled Brianna to safety and gave her some medpacks. Brianna woke up and kissed him.

"You have my love." she said.

"I lost the Force." said Carth "And this" showing his lightsaber.

"I knew there was something special about you" told Brianna.

"Lets win this battle and take back Kamino."

"I will fight beside you."

Carth, fresh from his revelations and Brianna, led the Republic against the Sith and made them give up many platforms to keep from losing men. When they were cornered, they tried to evacuate who they could, but the ships were destroyed and the survivors were taken prisoner.

Back on the flagship, Brianna had a question to ask Carth. "So you were a Jedi?" she asked.

"Yes. I almost led the Republic to victory, but so much death caused me to lose my connection with the Force." answered Carth.

"Thank you... If it weren't for your revelation and valour, I would've drowned."

"Well- Hey-"

Brianna kept his mouth shut kissed him. Carth ran his hand through her now long white wavy hair.

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