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Chapter Twenty-One


"Yes Carth."

"On Kamino. I had a revelation."

"Hmmm... Something's different about you."

"Uhh, yeah. I realized I was a Jedi but due to my loss of the Force, we lost Kamino."

"That's most surprising and fortunate news."

"I need help."

"I can train you to regain your connection to the Force."

"But... I am an Admiral."

"You must put that aside. Become who you were born as. Jedi, Carth Onasi."


"Good. Your scars of war proves you're a Jedi Guardian, that is what you shall be."

"Should I call you master?"

"No. I am Revan, your friend."

"As you wish... my friend."

Mikel Kenobi frantically ran through the temple looking for Revan. When he found him, he had urgent news. "Master Skywalker, I have recieved a distress signal from Manaan."

"Manaan is the hands of healing to the Republic. It must be defended." replied Revan.

"Who shall go?" Mike asked.

"Bastila and I know the planet the most. We were forced to go there. We will go."

Revan went to find Bastila and tell her of Manaan. "Bastila. Manaan is under attack. We must go."

"If we should go, we should bring Mission and Zalbaar with us."

"That makes sense. But why would they attack Manaan?"

"Kolto. Manaan supplies kolto for the Republic." replied Revan.

"I see. Lets go now." she told.

Revan and Bastila prepared the wookies to go to Manaan. Aboard the flagship, Zalbaar and Mission were looking forward to talking with their old friend. "I didn't ask you to join the war, you two." reminded Revan.

"Rev, we joined because you're our friend. Friends have to stick together." told Mission.

"Your age has caught up with your personality. But I still remember what you look like." told Revan.

"Thank you." replied Mission stroking her hand down her lekku.

Revan turned to Zalbaar. "So what's your story?" he asked.

"Unfortunatly, my father has died in our war against the slavers. I took his place and drove them off." roared Zalbaar.

"I'm sorry about your father. He was an honourable being." replied Revan.

"I'm glad you didn't use the term 'Animal'." he growled.

"After having my experience with you, 'Animal' is the lowest term that would describe you." commented Revan "The wookies are a noble race. It was a privilage for you to swear me a lifedebt."

"Thank you."

"Malak was correct." told Bastila "You could inspire loyalty."

"I am proud of the fact I did it out of respect. Not out of intimidation."

"You inspired my loyalty... and love."

"The fact I am VERY proud of."

Out of hyperspace, came Revan's force. Revan could inspire much loyalty, for his force was bigger than the Sith's. "Their force is so small. I don't think Malus wants to take the planet." told Revan.

"If not the planet, then why did they come."

"The kolto. Manaan is the only planet that supplies kolto." told Mission.

"I don't think they want any, I think they want it poisoned." told Bastila.

"Then tell Zalbaar this: barricade Ahto City. Keep the Sith away from the water." ordered Revan.

"Yes sir." Mission ran off to tell Zalbaar Revan's orders. Meanwhile, Revan and Bastila flew down to land.

Revan and Bastila advanced deep into Ahto City, looking for the Sith. The Sith then ambushed on them, without warning. "Without warning?" asked Bastila.

"Well what did you expect? They're Sith." replied Revan. Revan and Bastila fought with the Sith that ambushed them and killed them one by one. The more experienced ones actually landed a saber clash. The most experienced one snuck behind Bastila and attempted to assassinate her. Revan used the Force to pull her towards him and save her. She kissed him on the cheek and Revan threw one of his sabers at the unfortunate Sith. "Do I always have to hold you by my side, wherever we go?" asked Revan.

"Don't know. But I'd like it." replied Bastila.

"So you try to get yourself killed on purpose?" joked Revan.


"Calm down, I was only joking. I'd love to rescue you every now and then."

"Sooo, you let me get kidnapped on purpose?" joked Bastila.

"Ah-hahaha. I think we're done here." chucked Revan.

"Then I suggest we move on."

Revan and Bastila moved deeper into Ahto City, to find the commander. By this time, Zalbaar had already stationed his wookies on the borders of the city. Zalbaar and Mission had to endure many attempts of kolto poisoning, but they were all unsuccessful. The wookies proved to be a fomidable opponent. Revan and Bastila reached centre city and found who was leading the Sith. It was his old friend Malak. "Malak... so you have fallen victim to Malus' lies?" asked Revan.

"I couldn't rest in peace. Knowing I can go to rest with revenge."

"I told you leader. You will remain a Wraith of Darkness. Malus will not hold his word."

"He told you 'It's worth a shot.' It is." Malak ignited his saber and attacked Revan. Malak was a lot stronger than Revan remembered. But Revan still blocked what was offered. Malak even attempted to kill Bastila at sometimes, but Revan was always there. "I should've seen this years ago. You would break you body for this woman." told Malak.

"And you would do well to keep away from her."

"Then again. I was always the ignorant one." Malak attempted to kill Bastila again, but Revan began cutting him off from the Force. Malak was smart enough to dissapear and let Revan win. Revan and Bastila killed the Sith who would not admit defeat. Manaan had been saved.

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