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Chapter Twenty-two

Revan entered the map room and looked into one of Atris' new Star Maps (place a small sphere on a small projector and you can view the entire region). Revan examined the Wild Space region and noticed a large amount of power coming from Mustafar. This greatly confused Revan, but he decided to go on a covert mission to see what is happening there. Revan was walking to the hangar but he was intercepted by Bastila. "Just where do you think you're going?" she asked.

"Not this time. You must stay this time." told Revan.

"Have you learned nothing of your wife's stubborness?" asked Carth, holding his lightsaber.

"Get used to it, honey. We're going with you."

Revan sighed.

Revan, Carth and Bastila got aboard the Ebon Hawk. "Why?" asked Bastila.

"Why what?" replied Revan.

"Why would you leave me? You know where you go, I'm going to be fighting beside you."

"We're going to Mustafar. That's why."

"So you're worried that I'll get abducted again or burnt by lava."


"There's no need to shout."

Revan sighed "I know... but the thought of losing you is painful."

Bastila grasped his hand "But I am with you. And with you is all the protection I need."

"I hope you're right." Revan shut his eyes and began to walk away, but Bastila pulled him back and kissed him. Revan broke off and walked to the cockpit, he wasn't in the mood for romance.

"I think this is first time you're not in the mood for romance, Revan." observed Carth.

"I'm too worried for her, Carth. I'm a Jedi, I'm supposed to be at peace, not stressed out of my mind." replied Revan.

"Don't worry, buddy. If Malus has returned to Mustafar, we're gonna end the war here. And when we get back to Coruscant, we'll have a big celebration, and you and Bastila can get a well deserved rest." told Carth.

"One day with Bastila, alone, is all I long for."

"We're coming up on Mustafar, time to find what we missed." told Carth.

Revan, Bastila and Carth left the Ebon Hawk in search of what Revan found on the Star Map. Revan could sense some Dark Side energies coming from a couple kilometers behind the old refinery, victim to Revan's vendetta. Revan and his company, travelled a bit more. With every step, the Dark Side grew stronger. After one more kilometer of walking, they finally found what they missed. It was a Sith Acadamy. "I can't believe I missed this." told Revan.

"You were rescueing Bastila." reminded Carth.

"I suppose you're right." replied Revan.

"We must go inside." told Bastila.

"Then lets go." ordered Revan.

Revan, Bastila and Carth entered the acadamy, sabers up. Revan led the way, he knew that the Sith knew of their presence. As soon as they got past the main hallway, the door behind them shut, some Sith Assassins revealed themselves and attacked them. Their lives were ended shortly. Revan and his company advanced and fought their way to the main chamber, where Tulak Hord was waiting for them. "Hello, Revan." greeted Tulak.

"You must be Tulak Hord." answered Revan.

"You're correct."

"Why did you accept Malus' lie?" asked Revan.

"Oh, I knew it was a lie, I wanted to be alive again." answered Tulak.

"You're a Wraith of Darkness. You're nither living nor dead." told Revan.

"Close enough." replied the undead lord, igniting his saber.

"Be careful everyone. Especially you, Bastila." ordered Revan, igniting his sabers.

"I'll be fine." she replied, igniting her doublesaber.

"The reason Malus ressurected him is because he is the most skilled lightsaber duelist of his time." told Revan.

"Well that's comforting." joked Carth.

"Carth! This isn't the time for jokes." blurted Bastila.

Tulak Hord lunged at Revan and threw everything he had to offer. Revan blocked every swipe, every stab, every slash and every kick. Revan backflipped towards Bastila to protect her. Carth lunged at the wraith, but his fight didn't last as long as Revan's. Tulak threw Carth into the wall and he was knocked out. Tulak attacked Revan again and fought him away from Bastila. Tulak took the oppertunity and lunged at Bastila. Bastila put up a good fight, but the battle went into Tulak's favour. He caught Bastila off guard and sliced her left hand's fingers off. She lay on the ground screaming in extreme pain. Revan heard his wife's screams and Revan attacked Tulak, without mercy. Revan cut Tulak's saber in half and made it unusable. "If you're so powerful, you'd be able to beat me in a fist battle, Skywalker." told Tulak. Revan put away his sabers and got into Teras Kasi, while Tulak got into Krayt Dragon. Revan did a small jump kick and landed a blow on Tulak's face. Tulak attempted to swipe at Revan's face, but his blow was blocked and Revan gave him a blow to the gut. Revan gave Tulak three blows to the throat, did a three-sixty degree spin and uppercutted him in the chin, therefore, switching into Jedi Fist. Tulak changed his style to Moi Fah, hoping that it would best Revan's Jedi Fist. Tulak tried to land some blows, but Revan dodged them. Revan switched his stance to Hapkido and his extreme quickness brought Hord to his knees. Revan kept hitting Hord, until he fell down, blacked out. Revan ran over to Bastila. "Damnit..."

"It's okay... I can get some mechanical ones."

"Are you able to walk?" asked Revan.

"I think he swiped at my thigh, after he cut my fingers off... But it's just a scratch this time."

"Other than that, you have four severed limbs."

"If it weren't for you, I'd have more than my fingers missing."

"This is why I wan't to go alone. I don't want you hurt."

"The only thing that can hurt me is if our bond of love is broken."

Revan brought Bastila and Carth back to the Ebon Hawk, safely. Revan healed Bastila's thigh scratch, and intalled some mechanical fingers. Revan took the cockpit and flew home to Coruscant.

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