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Chapter Twenty-three

Malus' fleet came out of hyperspace to an unsuspecting Telos. "Sir, why are we attacking Telos?" asked one of Malus' generals "It is on the brink of death. No use to us."

"It might not be any use to us, but I plan to lure out some of the Jedi." answered Malus.

"Understood my lord."

Atris came out of meditation and called everyone to the council chamber. "I have called you all here because I sensed Malus attacking Telos." told Atris.

"You aren't joking." replied Revan.

"I will see to it's defense and I request that Brianna comes with me." asked Atris.

"Sensible." told Bastila.

Atris and Brianna readied an army to defend Telos. But on the flagship, Atris had some questions for Brianna. "Why did you betray me and train as a Jedi?" she asked.

"Atris, you have to understand, there is the betrayal of you, then there was the betrayal of my mother. And I chose my mother." answered Brianna.

"Did you have feelings for the Exile?"

"I'd appreciate it if you called him Jaden. I did."

"Did you love him?"

Brianna hesitated, "I did."

"Do you have feelings for Carth?"

"As a father, the actions after Kamino were a show of thanks."

"I see."

"Why did you ask of me to betray my mother?" Brianna began questioning.

"Because I feared you would go to the Dark Side."

"Which you did, did you not?"

"I did. But the-... Jaden, has more qualities in him than I saw."

"Why did you want him dead?"

"I- I- uhhhhh." stuttered Atris.


Atris, Brianna and their army reinforced the Telosian army in their struggle against Malus' fleet. "We will board the flagship and try and end this war here." ordered Atris. Brianna and Atris got into Jedi Starfighters and flew off with a squad of Mandalorians. Atris and Brianna flew off into Malus' flagship while the Mandalorians distracted the Sith. Atris and Brianna weren't welcomed warmly when they boarded, there were blaster shots flying everywhere. But Atris jumped down and killed off the gunners. Dark Jedi entered the room, inexperienced, Brianna made short work of them. Brianna and Atris ventured through the flagship and battled their way to Malus.

"I admire your performance." he commented.

"Your treachery will end here." told Brianna.

"Ah those are familiar words." replied Malus "Everyone who used those words, I defeated."

Brianna and Atris attacked Malus, Malus still wouldn't remove the cloak covering his arm. Brianna and Atris fought against Malus greatly. Brianna was a great challange for him because of her being an echani. Atris' could see Malus' movements coming through the Force. Malus got the better on both of them and kicked them back. Malus strode over to Brianna to deal the killing strike, Atris swiped at Malus with her saber, but Malus blocked. Atris had to fight Malus alone, for Brianna was knocked out cold. Atris evaded many of Malus' attacks which caused her to jump away from the duel. Malus saw this as an oppurtunity to kill Brianna. Malus was about to kill Brianna but Atris attacked him again. Malus had enough of fighting Atris so he used the Force to pull her saber away and began to advance towards her. Brianna woke up and attacked Malus. Malus sliced her saber and made it unusable and tried to kill Brianna. Atris attempted to tackle Malus but Malus caught her by the neck. "ATRIS!" Brianna cried. Malus could feel Atris gulping, waiting for her death. Brianna tried to save her but stopped in her tracks as she saw a saber right before her face, and Atris not far ahead. Malus dropped Atris on the ground and began laughing.

"I think I'll have her corpse hang from the entrance to my acadamy. Or maybe stick her head on a pike." he cackaled.

Brianna now had to fight Malus alone, and to make matters worse, without a saber. Brianna dropped into the Echani stance known as Kenpo. Malus had his doublesaber and Atris' saber circling him. Little did Malus know, Brianna was more skilled in hand to hand than saber combat. Brianna fought gracefully against Malus, who only landed blows using his elbows and legs. Malus landed a swipe on her leg, but it wasn't severed. Brianna merely tore the cut legging off. Brianna fought Malus hard enough until he was in the hangar. Brianna backflipped out of it. She waved her hand and a ray shield appeared between them. Malus looked back to see the blackness of space. Brianna waved her hand again and that shield dissapeared. Brianna took her ship and Atris' dead body. Telos had been defended, but at the cost of Atris' life.

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