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Chapter Twenty-four

Brianna landed back in the hangar, she was greeted by Revan and Bastila "Brianna, how did the mission go?" asked Bastila. Both Revan and Bastila knew it couldn't be good when they saw tears down her eyes. Both Revan and Bastila gasped when Brianna pulled Atris' dead body from the ship. Brianna didn't say a word, she just walked by, crying. "What happened?" asked Jaden running into the hangar.

"Telos' defence was a success, but at a terrible price." told Revan.

"Why what happened?"

"Atris died."

"By the force, that's terrible news. There will be a time to grieve over Atris, but it is not now. Canderous sent us a transmission that The Sith attempted to take Dxun, but the Mandalorians drove them off. So The Sith took Onderon and are coming back to Dxun for another round."

"Bastila and I shall take back Onderon."

"Then Visas and I shall defend Dxun. But who will take the Ebon Hawk?"

"Bastila and I shall take the Ebon Hawk, but Correlian engineers have donated us a top of the line freighter. Great blockade runner and has many compartments for storage and hiding."

"Does it have a name?"

"They're calling it: The Millenium Falcon."

"Okay, Visas and I shall take that ship."

The Hawk and The Falcon flew off to Onderon. The hyperdrives were very fast, but the Falcon's could not surpass the Hawk's. Revan and Bastila flew down to Onderon, and the Millenuim Falcon had to run the Dxun blockade. Jaden ran to the turbo-lazers to fend off all the ships that attacked them. Visas' Force Sight was effective enough to land them on Dxun, with the Falcon taking minimum damage. Jaden and Visas ran down the loading ramp to help the defence of Canderous' camp.

Jaden and Visas entered Canderous' camp to be attacked by Sith. Jaden and Visas cut them down and went to find Canderous. They found him fending off Sith from the main base. They helped him finish the job. "Well you came in time." told Canderous.

"Us Jedi aim to please." replied Jaden.

"Where's Revan?"

"I sense he just landed on Onderon." told Visas.

"Then we'll have to help him." ordered Jaden.

"Getting to your ship will take a long time. We'll take a basilisk war droid."

On Onderon, The Sith were waiting for Revan and Bastila and were well perpared. When they landed, they boarded the Ebon Hawk. "Drop your lightsabers!" ordered a Sith, putting a blaster to Bastila's head. They wouldn't do anything. "Drop them now or her brain has somewhere to breath. All of a sudden, the blaster flew right out of the trooper's hand and it shot the trooper who threatened Bastila and the other two on the ship. The blaster lowered into Bastila's hand. "So uncivilized." she said as she threw it down.

Revan and Bastila stepped outside and fought off the Sith around the Ebon Hawk. Suddenly, a Basilisk War Droid landed right beside the Ebon Hawk, and out walked Jaden, Visas and Canderous. "It took you long enough." joked Bastila.

Canderous glared at Bastila, taking the joke seroiusly "Well we're sorry you washed up piece of-"

"Bastila- Canderous! We don't have to re-live the quest for the Star Forge." said Revan trying to calm the two down "We have to fight our way to the royal palace."

"Then I suggest we move on." told Bastila.

"Hmph. I think we're already re-living the quest for the Star Forge." mumbled Canderous, recognizing Bastila's line.

"I'll lead the way, I've been here before." suggested Jaden.

"Then lets move." told Revan.

Jaden led the way to the royal palace, he remembered the route that he and Kreia took to the palace. "The Jedi is back!" yelled a rebellion captain.

"Jaden Page, has come to help my cousin again." observed the leader "Who is that with them?"

Ajunta came walking out to see what was going on "I recognize that battle mask." he told "It is Revan."

"The Revan who led the Republic to victory in the Mandalorian wars and almost extinguished the Sith?" asked the leader.

"Yes, General." replied Ajunta.

"Send everything we've got. If we need a whole army to take out someone as powerful as Revan, then we will need a whole army." ordered the General.

Sith and rebellion troops were sent to defeat Revan, but they were of no concequence. Revan and his company cut them down as if they were children with sticks. "Lock the door, and kill Talia." ordered the General "Tell her, if I don't make it: Vaklu sends his regards." Revan and the others still fought their way to the palace. But before they could enter the throne room, the door shut right in front of them. "Damnit! We'll have to go the long way." told Jaden.

"I came prepared for this kind of situation." said Canderous, pulling out a sachel charge. He set it on the wall and everyone stepped back.

"How long did you set it for?" asked Revan.

"One minute, but I'm gonna accelerate it." told Canderous raising his repeater. He shot at the charge and it exploded violently, and the door pieces flew straight in Vaklu's direction, killing half of his troops.

Revan, Bastila, Jaden, Visas and Canderous walked into the throne room. Revan used the Force to push Vaklu away from Talia, he then freed her from her cuffs. Revan threw her a lightsaber "Do you know how to use one of those?" he asked.

Talia found the switch and turned the blade on "Yes." She replied. Talia attacked Vaklu and cut him down quick, due to her superior skill to close quarters combat. Jaden, Visas and Canderous began to eliminate the rest of Vaklu's troops. Revan and Bastila began circling Ajunta. "I thought you gave up the dark side." told Revan.

"I realized I wanted my blade back." he replied.

"But at a terrible price, I see." told Bastila "You are a wraith of darkness."

"Ajunta, if you give up on Malus and fight for us, I can release you from this living death. Whatever Malus promised you, you wont get it. He lied to you." told Revan.

"You waste your time, Revan." said Canderous now pointing his repeater at Ajunta "He had no honour in life, he has none now in death."

"Ajunta, let me redeem you again." told Revan "And I will let you rest as a Jedi... What do you say?"

Ajunta dissapeared. "The important thing is, that you are to be commended for the defence of the people of Onderon." told Talia.

"Thank you." replied Jaden.

"Here is your lightsaber back, Revan."

Revan took his lightsaber back and bowed. Everyone walked outside, Ajunta re-appeared. "You have time to attack Korriban, Malus is there." Ajunta explained. Revan raised his hand, Ajunta didn't feel different but Revan did something. "I did not know what you did to me, but I will only fight for you when your need is more than dire." Ajunta dissapeared.

"Well at least Malus has no grip on him anymore." said Revan smiling.

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