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Chapter Twenty-five

"Where to now?" asked Bastila.

"You are going with Jaden and Visas back to Coruscant, I am going to Korriban." told Revan.

"Why can't I come with you?"

"Because I am going to flush out the Sith there."

"Baby, please don't go. I don't want to lose you to the Dark Side."

Revan clasped Bastila's hand "We shall see this war over. I garuntee you will be alive to see it."

"Why can't you garuntee yourself."

Revan didn't answer.

"Promise to me that you'll never die."

"You know I can't promise that. I need you at the Jedi Temple. For long you will defend Coruscant if the battle goes to hell."

"What else would you have me do?"

"If I die, I need you to lead the Republic and the Jedi to a golden age."

"Kiss me." told Bastila "Just incase it's our last." Revan and Bastila began a deep kiss. "I love you." told Bastila.

"I loved you all my life."

"I forgive you."

"Forgive me for what?" asked Revan.

"For being away for far too long."

"I kept dreaming that you'll be with me and you'll never go."

"I'll stop breathing if I don't see you anymore."

Revan broke away from Bastila and boarded the Ebon Hawk. Revan set a course for Korriban. It will be his fifth visit. Revan entered and exited hyperspace and came close to Korriban. Malus, who was meditating in the tomb of his grandfather, sensed Revan. And ordered for soldiers to wait for him past the Czerka ourpost. "Welcome to Korriban, spacer. I'm going to have to ask for the landing fee."

"Do I really have to pay the landing fee?" asked Revan.

"Actually, your aquaintences say you don't have to pay. They say you won't live to enjoy it's values."

Revan sighed for he knew who is "aquantences" were "They never learn." he said to himself. He used the Force to open the door, just to be safe. Many Sith ignited their red blades. Revan put on his battle mask and ignited his blue sabers. Some Sith turned off their sabers and fled, now that they got a very small glimpse of who they were dealing with. The Sith who were "stupid" enough to fight Revan died very quickly. One by one, Revan struck down the Sith who tried to stop him from getting to their master.

In the meditation chamber a familiar face met Malus who he has not seen in a very long time. Malus ignited his saber for he rembembered the person's past cowardice. "Wait, my master!" begged the Muun.

Malus put away his saber "You offer your aligience to me?"

"Yes, master. I will not cower again."

"How can I trust you?"

"You can. I, Darth Plagueis will fight for you again."

Malus thought for a moment "Then you will fight away from me at the moment. Attack Coruscant, when I am finished with Revan, I will join you."

"I have gathered a large army in the Unknown Regions, who reside in a different galaxy. They call themselves: The Yusaan Vong."

"Why are you still here?" asked Malus. Plagueis caught his drift.

Revan now fought his way to the outside of the acadamy, the guards were of no consequence. He opened the doors which were hard to open, invulnerable to sabers and strong against the Force. This only demonstrated a fraction of Revan's power. Revan entered the acadamy and still the students and guards couldn't bring him down. In the main training chamber, Revan was surrounded. "You are all going to fall to the ground and die before you get up." intimidated Revan in a hoarse tone of voice, could he be falling to the Dark Side? Revan jumped in the air and struck his sabers into the ground letting out a huge shockwave. Everyone fell down, just as Revan said. In the blink of an eye, guards and students fell down farther. In twenty-five short blinks, Revan was surrounded by corpses. Malus stepped over them. "Very good, you have utilized your dark powers and slowly are becoming your true self again." commented Malus.

"Before I kill you, tell me, was it you who told the Mandalorians to go to war against the Republic?" asked Revan.

"I started the war, I made the Star Maps more visible for you to find, and I am about to kill you and then kill your darling wife." taunted Malus.

Malus ignited his doublesaber and they both clashed in a fierce duel. Revan and Malus were equally well in saber fighting, it was all a matter of Force use. Revan shoved Malus away and pushed him towards a crumbling wall. Only small pebbles hit Malus on the head, but a large rock crushed his saber and nearly his hand. "No matter, I will show you how I fixed your ridicule on me." Malus finally removed his cloak, revealing an entire metal arm, but with no hand. The arm extended a little bit and split apart and revealed a three slots. Red blades ignited out of all the slots. Malus lunged at Revan, now gaining an upper hand in the fight. Revan fought bravely and with extreme agility, he even was jumping to and off walls to avoid Malus. Revan and Malus entered a saber lock, as Revan began to falter, Malus noticed his eyes slowly turning yellow. "Good, good, you will kill me, then your friends and the Sith shall rule." taunted Malus. Revan punced Malus in the face, and the blades turned off, for they were controlled by nerves, and by that punch, Revan somehow disrupted its functionallity. Revan raised his sabers and was going to deal the killing blow. "Do it, kill me." ordered Malus.

Revan hesitated. Then turned off his sabers, his eyes went back to their brown colour and he sent a rock to crush Malus' organic arm. "I will kill you. But not in cold blood." Revan ran off and flew back to Coruscant as quickly as he could, for Plagueis was nearly there.

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