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Final Chapter

Bastila looked out of the window out of the Jedi Council chamber. She could see Plagueis' army marching forth. Bastila had everyone stationed at the front entrance to await the coming of thier fate. I won't let you down my love. Bastila thought to herself as she saw the army getting closer. Bastila and the rest of the Jedi marched to the front lines to be the first to enter the fray of the last stand. As the defending army could her the footsteps of the opposing army, they began to back away in fear. But they stopped when they heard a "HOLD YOUR GROUND! Hold your ground." It was Revan. Revan ran to the front lines to lead the army. He turned around "I see in your eyes... the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come, when the courage of the Republic fails. When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of love, but it is not this day. Shall it be an hour of blood? Before the age on the Republic comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we fight. By all that you hold dear, in these good stars, I bid you stand. Heros of the Galaxy." told Revan with his inspiring speech. All the soldiers raised their guns and cheered. No one left the front entrance. The Sith army stationed themselves, waiting for the Republic to make the first strike. "I thought I'd die fighting side by side with an exile." Vrook said to himself.

"What about side by side with a friend?" asked Jaden, hearing him.

"Yes, I will do that." replied Vrook, finally admitting to calling Jaden, his friend.

"I shall honor them with battle." told Brianna.

"They're asking for it." said Carth.

"Who dies first?" asked Canderous.

"This is it, Big-Z." whispered Mission.

"Your comfort is good." roared Zalbaar.

"A weakness is revealed." said Visas Page.

"I will fight with you till death." told Bastila.

"We will make it." vowed Revan "We will."

Revan stepped forward. He turned to Bastila "I love you he said." and he ran off to fight. Bastila ran after him "THE FORCE FIGHTS WITH US!" she cried. Everyone else ran after them. Revan got he first kill on the Yusaan Vong. Revan cut down anyone who attacked him. Force immunes were are no match for his saber combat. A Sith Lord attempted to assassinate Bastila from behind, but Revan pulled her to him and threw his sabers into the Sith Lord's eyes. Revan quickly kissed Bastila before pulling his sabers out of the Sith's face. The ghosts of the Sith entered the battlefield and started killing one by one. Luyoni Skywalker attempted to kill Revan, but he was blocked. By Tudo'Val Skywalker. He was assisted by a now proper Sion, and Ajunta. The power of the light began to become too much for the forces of darkness. Some Sith attempted to flee but, they returned. Not out of rememberence, but out of some fear. Malus had come to the battle. Malus started killing all in his path, until he was stopped by Revan and Bastila. He entered a duel with them and fought with great talent. Malus was a good fighter, but he was no match for the combined power of the Skywalker family. Revan brougt him on his knees again. "You won't kill me, you don't have the guts" told Malus.

"Your're right." replied Revan "Canderous, shoot this piece of-"

"I get it." told Canderous, moments before he put Malus to the blaster. Plagueis and many soldiers witnessed this deed and fled the battle field, only to be intercepted by re-inforcements. Revan found Bastila. "We have won." she said "They've been defeated." Revan entered a kiss with Bastila. It was long. But Revan noticed something he did not expect. He tasted blood. Bastila had coughed up blood but how? When Revan broke away from her, he found blood on both their robes. Bastila fell on the ground, no sign of life whatsoever. Revan inhaled deeply with an open mouth. "I have taken who you love." said Luyoni Skywalker, the first Sith Lord "She is gone. Malus is no more, but I still remain in this temple, you fool. Now I will finish what I began here, a year ago."

"Or I shall finish what I should've done." told Revan. Revan entered what would be the most intensive duel of his life, fighting against his Sith ancestry. Revan slashed and swung at Luyoni with everything he had. Luyoni blocked and laughed. Luyoni was a Sith ghost so he was better than Revan in everyway. But somehow Revan's skills began getting better, he was getting closert to landing some hits, he countered Luyoni's Force attacks. How was this possible? "How is this possible?" asked Luyoni.

"It's the power of love." told Revan.

"Impossible, I killed her."

Revan didn't answer as he quickly glanced over at Bastila who was glowing. Revan circulated Luyoni's pike a couple times until he lost his grip. Revan raised his hands, and Luyoni started feeling weird. Luyoni started dissapearing like dust.

"What are you doing?" panicked Luyoni "Stop this now."

Revan didn't answer and continued to cut him off from the Force. With some final screams, Luyoni was no more. Revan rushed over to Bastila and lifted her up. "Bastila, this can't be." He whimpered. All the Jedi gathered around him. They shut their eyes. And Bastila's slowly opened as her stab wound to the lung healed. "You've given us much, Revan." told Jaden.

"Our turn." told Vrook.

"I thought I lost you." told Revan smiling.

"I used what energy I had left in my battle meditation. I think I died shortly after." said Bastila.

"Forget that, you're alive, that's all that matters." replied Revan.

One year later, and Revan and Bastila spent much time together. Revan saw to Bastila who was sitting on the bed one day. "How much longer?" he asked.

"Not long now."

"He or she will become a great Jedi someday, I know it... Zhar."

"Named it already?" asked Bastila.

"Yeah. Let's call it Zhar."

Written By Revanscool. Hardcore Led Zeppelin/KotOR/Hockey fan.

Led Zeppelin + The Beatles = Gods

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