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Originally Posted by 3N16M4
It would have been nice to have the missing content put in. The droid planet would have been fun but it really isn't needed to further the plot. Leaving it out is understandable. The last game took me over 36 hours recorded but there were plenty of times I reloaded. Having a whole other planet and potential sidequest would be simply enormous. There's nothing wrong with a bigger game, I just think having it in would complicate the entire story. The game isn't about the HK units hunting you down or G0T0 commisioning them. It's about the lies and deception surrounding your Exile.
I think the other planet was really needed. It wouldn't have made the game a lot bigger, because they ended up moving most of the quests from it onto the other planets. I found a few of the other planets were just TOO long.. they really started to drag in places. Having an extra planet and more evenly distributing the content would have really helped the pacing.

Plus it seems like it was really needed to flesh out the bao dur, goto, hk47 and mass shadow plots.

Also, I seemed to spend half the game running arounf with only one or two characters.. then just as i'd got some more characters to talk to/play with the game ended. I don't think i got to use goto or hk47 at all. Or mira that much.

I've just finished the game for the first time, so obviously i currently hate the damn thing. I'm sure that once my annoyance at it being completely unfinished wears off I'll remember the fact that a lot of the experience was pretty enjoyable. Still, i can't see myself bothering to replay it all again just to try out another alignment. Especially not all those repetetive Treyus Academy fights. zzz.

Overall i'd give it an 11 out of 10 for ambition.. but only a 5 out of ten for execution.

I'd still be interested in a sequel.. but I couldn't face it for a few months yet.. and i hope that if they do make one they give the interface, the controls, the party system and the combat a major makeover.

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