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Strider merely lifted a finger upwards at a speaker, and at that instant, the Ragnarok's navigation computer responded over intercom in a female voice to Riebe's order.

"Setting Main Course to Ossus, Entering Hyperspace."

With that, the Ragnarok leapt into hyperspace, directed to Ossus.

As the Ragnarok travelled to Ossus, Strider paced the room for a second, thinking. Finally, he stopped and turned to the group.

"If we get Skywalker's will probably be allowed to rejoin the order if you wish, so if anyone's been having cold feet about the Hunters, let us know now," Strider said, his eyes glancing over the group of young Hunters. He didn't think any of them wanted to, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask anyway, should they still be concerned about their future with the Jedi.

Katherine looked back at him and just shook her head. "I've made my decision and I stand by it," she said boldly. Strider nodded, knowing already well his new "apprentice" would tag along. She was quiet, and with that silence, a secret boldness and bravery hid - he knew very well she was looking for a broader view of the Galaxy than the narrowminded ones that the Jedi Masters would teach.

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