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Charna smiled thoughtfully. "The Dark Side is strong," she said, "but the downfall of the Sith has been that they let the power consume them. You control the power. It does not control you. That is how I want to be. And for that reason, I will do as you say."

"That is one advantage the Jedi always had over the Sith," she went on. "Unity. The Sith have been so intent on snapping at each other that they could scarce see the problems at hand. That's why the Sith Hunters did so well." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "An advantage they've held until now. The Jedi of Coruscant will want to wage war. They'll think the Sith Hunters have joined you. Skywalker on Ossus will be much more hesitant to believe this."

Turning away to look out into space, she went on. "That's where they'll go next. They'll do what they can to convince Skywalker they were not responsible and then, when the majority of the order strikes at the Dominion, Skywalker and those on Ossus will take flight, vanishing until the time they feel they're best prepared to fight... though who exactly they'll be fighting is a mystery."

She laughed at the thought of Jedi fighting Jedi. "By the time Skywalker comes out with his group to fight, the Jedi of Coruscant will think he's turned against them too." Smiling, she observed, "For once, the Jedi will be divided and the Sith will stand united."

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