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That looks like a good idea...

Das Mole isn't the only one who can go "digging"...

Originally Posted by Joshi
Okay, so I'm bored so I thought i'd steal this from Mixnmojo (their's has been dead for a while now).

Basically, what you do is you go onto Google Image Search and type in the username of the person above you (which is why I can't start it off) and then post whatever pic come up. It's quite fun, so go ahead.

Two additional rules:
  • Post your real name in your post incase the image search has no ideal pictures for your username.
  • If you are a moderator, administrator or person with authority of any discription, don't move this thread. Seriously. I mean, you started this thread, Joshi, do really you want to see it die?
  • Oh snap I thought up another rule. Once a new page is started, you have to post your name again, until then, though, you're alright.

Phil Barry

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