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"Nobody controls the Dark Side. Not even me. I suppress my anger and go back to my days as a jedi, training to become a Jedi Councellor. Those are the learning I use mostly when I strategise. You would think I am fully connected to the Dak Side, but actually I have better ties to the Light than the Dark, even if I am a powerful Sith Lord" Darth Tepe said and walked towards the window of the bridge, showing the outside of the ship. He looked at the stars going past them and sighed.

"The jedi will not turn against their Grand Master and the founder of the New Order. Skywalker is a powerful name and even if jedi would turn against Luke, his sister would intervene and quell the 'resistance' with the help of the other old Rebellion leaders. To be quite straight with you, Charna, I am in great debt and awe to Master Skywalker. He first of all destroyed the power o the empire by turning his father back from the Sith ways, which also helped me in coming as powerful as I am and then by creating this Jedi Order. If he would not be there to lead the Jedi, I would have absolutely no challenge in my conquest. At least Riebe and Strider are there to challenge my wits for now" he chuckled and turned to see her with a bit of melancholy in his voice.

"I have known Riebe for quite some time now. Ever since Rythe brought me to Welmin's Cantina, at least. It would be a shame to kill her off like I did to Kin's master. However, I know someone I might be able to use in the group for my cause. Strider is in between his bloodlust and his loyalty to Riebe and the Sith Hunter code. It will take some time, as he is powerful, but I think I just might manage to get enought rage to surface so I can just pull him in like a fish on the lakes of Naboo... Oh, how I miss Naboo landscapes. I should conquer it so I can enjoy it once again" he said and turned again to see the space as the stars slowed down.

"Starting jumping out of hyperspace" an officer said and the fleet jumped out of hyperspace, right next to Kaoin's fleet.


As the Ragnarok made it's way throught hyperspace, the travel came to a sudden stop as an Interdictor paired with two carriers and a Battleship drew it out. The ship was scanned and the Captain of the Interdictor contacted the crew.
"You have been reported to our Lord of passing throught Sith Dominion space. Lucky for you we have orders to let you pass freely. Have a nice day" the captain said and the connection was cut. A squadron of fighters flew past but then everything was quiet as the ships let them pass

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