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Well, finally starting to get somewhere with the changes... gonna take a while b4 I get some new screenshots up though as it looks like a dog's breakfast at the moment!
Took some time to draw up a proper map of the lcoation on graphing paper to try and work of how things line up a bit better.
Have shortened the whole "beach" and beachfront area considerably.
Working on getting some decent terrain in there, but I find it hard to make custom terrain to match what I've already built.
Move most of the buildings around and rebuilt some of those little ones with the radar thingies on top of them to match the scale a bit better.
(Originally I made the central tower waaaaaaaaaaaay bigger, then found it was out of proprtion and scaled it, but I didn't do any of the other buildings, so they've just about all got to be redone t some degree.
Did a few more wall textures to just to make things a little less repititive.
Added the second (non-enterable) tower and the landing field.
All just very rough at the moment, trying to get sizing and positoning correct.
Taking a bit of artistic license to try and add more VIS blockers.
Going to really need the help of someone familiar with Hint Brushes and map optimization. Do you happen to know anyone like that who may be able to help?
Guess I'll have to spend some more time in Easygen. Sigh.
(It doesn't make good cliffs)

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