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"Ok, Seth," Raze said to the Zabrak. "You guard the ramp from any 'uninvited' guests that may appear and want to have a look 'round. Specifically any Republic clone soldiers, Jedi, or other bounty hunters."

Just as Raze was leaving Seth on the ramp, Trando appeared. "Raze, he'll be under my care for the next few days!" He shouted, "He'll be fine, I promise!"

Raze blinked. "Next few days?" she asked incredulously. "What, you can't you just soak him in bacta or something?" She had no idea that Shadow's injuries had been that serious. "Great. I'm sure K'Nala will be ever so pleased with that when she and the captain get back. But I'm sure you can explain it to them."

She headed to the cockpit, to check on how the ship's condition was, and to do a preflight. Not that she was taking off right away, but she figured that when the others got back from their little 'excursion' that she would have to leave in a hurry. And she wanted to keep the Carnage intact.

She slipped into the pilot's seat. "Mr. Logan?" she said into the com to Richard as she adjusted her earpiece in her ear. "How's everything? I need this ship ready to go in a moment's notice."

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