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Female Exile, most definitely -- there's an element of nurturing in the Exile's effect on her party, gathering up the Lost Jedi, what-not, and gender-affinity as Kreia's successful protege (after Kreia was subjected to "indignities" by Sion and Nihilus). And I like Atton and the Disciple's silly crushes on the femme Exile.

Plus, what other guy could rival Revan? There's a yin and yang to Revan and the Exile. [In K1, I prefer female Revan for the Carth romance, but do agree that male Revan fits better for canon.]

Atton: I knew it! That stupid T3 unit stole our ship! It's probably joyriding through the system right now, laughing at us... laughing at *me*.

Atton: And another thing - stop being all noble around her, in your big hero way. She sees right through your little act. She likes honest guys, not guys who run around being unselfish and heroic all the time.

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