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Customize fleet in Galactic Conquest- That would be awesome
Up to 64 AI's per team - i was hoping for more like 100 ai's per team and like 1k-2k total reinforcements
Battles where gunships are the only way to the enemy- wouldn't matter to me either way
Mace Windu in more battles- yea
More maps with AT-AT and AT-TE- not only that, but more at-at and at-te's in one map, there should be like 5 or 6 at- te's to make it like a real battle
Scenario with all four factions- yea that sounds cool
Loading screen shows fleet exiting hyperspace or landing on ground- doesnt matter
Generals can direct fleet- yes
AI's land in hangars- yea, would make more sense then the droid gunships or any troop transport just fighting in space all the time...troop transports are made to transport
Planets have 2-3 different maps- yea, that or bigger maps
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