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Strider grunted, taking manual control of the Ragnarok, and continued it on its flight path to Ossus before setting it back into autopilot. He stood back up and walked into the main room with the other Hunters again, where they were discussing a battle plan should they get into a fight with the Sith.

At the thought of fighting them, his mind jerked into a flashback - playing back the last moments of Strider's and what appeared to be his old friend, Cylia's, battle against Dark Jedi that had surrounded them. In the heat of battle, Strider was suddenly restrained through the Force by a Sith Lord - the very one he once trained under as a Sith. He saw himself being bound to a wall, unable to move, only watch, as his best friend suffered a slow death before his very eyes by the Sith Lord.

Strider's hand gripped into a firm fist. The others could see his expression - his eyes closed, teeth gritted. Strider let out a shout and slammed his fist into the side of the doorway he was standing on. The metal did not dent, but did make a considerably loud resounding bang. Strider's breathing became shallow, he looked back up, seeing the rest of the group look at him.

Why was this memory haunting him?

Suddenly he saw something else. This was not a memory. This was a vision.

Strider saw himself alone in a room. There was a mirror, and in his reflection, he saw himself, but something was different about his reflection. His eyes were not blue. They were gold in color, surrounded by bloodshot eyes- like a Sith's. His reflection returned his blank gaze with an evil smirk, and stepped forth out of the mirror. This evil form of him reared back with a fist and plunged it into Strider's chest, which went entirely inside of him.

For a moment, Strider felt himself being taken over by his anger and hatred for the Sith. Both of his hands now rested on the doorway, his body loosened a little before soon falling forward onto the ground, his eyes closed and his body still. He lay there, not moving, his body only slightly showing life through the slow heave of his back as he breathed. Within a few moments, Strider's eyes opened once again. His expression was full of confusion. "What is happening to me...?" he muttered to himself slowly, before slowly attempting to get up. He stumbled some, and Katherine rushed over to help him to his feet, putting one of his arms around her shoulder and lifting him up, his other hand using the doorway for support. None had ever seen him like this, not even Riebe. Strider's eyes blinked, slowly regaining his composure, he stood without Katherine's aid.

Without saying anything, only looking at the rest of the Hunters' eyes, assuring them he'd be fine, he turned and slowly made his way back into the cockpit, sitting down in his pilot's seat, watching the Ragnarok's continued descension to Ossus.

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