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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Since you're most likely a heterosexual, I would expect not. But then again, I wasn't either.
The reason I didn't find Handmaiden attractive was because she is way too skinny (that and I'm a Bao girl ). I think this about Mira too, but Mira makes up for it in personality, IMO Handmaiden doesn't, however. I mean even as a girl I can recognize and appreciate feminine beauty and I think the only one that really wins in that category is Visas. And she has no eyes!

I said I wasn't going to talk about this, but I can't help myself it seems. Though I liked playing a male Exile I didn't like the relationship between Handmaiden and the Exile. It seemed too much to me like she was looking for a replacement for her father in him. And, again like Emperor Devon, I find Disciple much more interesting to talk to, but then people have told me I should be a philosopher. It also seems to me that Di and the Exile would have more in common than Handmaiden and the Exile. Except for their knowing Atris there is nothing (which in of it's self I find odd that the Jedi would have these handmaiden "servants". )

"They may not call you a Jedi anymore, but believe me you are. It's not the sort of thing you just stop being. You're stuck with it. Just like you're stuck being the General."
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