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as you requested...

Originally Posted by Chase Windu
I'd kind of like to see that. Have any pics of the D. Star plans?

I think it would be cool to see SW in black and white but lightsabers, laser blasts, ship engines(i.e. the blue out the back of the falcon), force lightning, and things of that nature in color. Similar to Sin City. Maybe even downgrade the video a bit, add a slight blur and scratches, make the sound sound old and scratchy, and make it look like an old movie on film. I think that would be a cool.

Okay here it is, from the "Darth Editous" Edition of ANH (a fan edit):

Fan Edited Death Star Schematic from ANH

**Note: the above pic was not taken by me but by the author of that edit, and this is not to be confused with the official DVD cuts**

Probably overall the most impressive fan edit of a Star Wars movie I've ever seen. A lot of common sense "why didn't they just do that" fixes and improvements.

You can read more about his fan edit over at forums. Obviously, we won't discuss where to get such edits, even though it should be perfectly fine for people who already own the official DVDs.

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