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Valter you were dead right about my point as generally applied to games, and in this instance of what was shown on the promo, provided that a person viewing it or screenshots didnt know that it was implicitely stated as being very far from what you will receive after you shell out your cash; as I for one had not seen those disclaimers and I wasnt there but I have seen it with other games and yes I disagree with that marketing strategy. Since I hadnt seen it is was more of a gripe to Torpid for PG not to go down this path now, or ever.

Zagfel your right about semantics, my bad, people interpret and classify things differently but your off the mark about my comment regarding the executor; im not sure if you saw the vid but I only saw the screenies and I was under the impression the executor was already damaged, as can be seen in those screenies, not that it had 'reduced' health. If they used a half clapped out executor that was accurate to what it will be in game, then there is no exaggeration there.

Sure I have expectations and im pretty black and white about my views, the game being under development for example. I know that some of you take everything said as literal and for you to post that confirms this, and obviously the game has been completed but in my own opinion, and I dont care how many people agree or disagree with me, if you need alot of patches to fix game balances issues (not just bug fixes or improvements) then the developers havent really finished with the game. So this is the way most games are these days, i still dont care for it, there was a time, before everyone and everything was on the net, when you didnt need to get patches. EaW for example has been out for many months and we are still looking at 1.6.

Pretty impressive sentences Zagfel but I think your inclusion of "the tactical component" was superfluous....seriously what you say about the car differs from what Wedge said as he believed I would still buy the car with a 6 cyl because of the other refinements. True the bombardment ability is a small part of the game as compared to the engine but if an ability of a unit in a game was so totally imbalanced then I would not buy the game. Sure it might be fun to play it once or twice but playing against it would never be fun, hence why all gamers, EaW gamers no less, are very sensitive to game balance issues. If that imbalance ruined the land side of the game play then that is pretty major.

Monster has stated the best argument and the saving grace of anyone who doesnt like something about the game and that is to mod it. And I am very grateful that PG has used a system that is very easy to mod, and mod well as we can see by the quality of the mods being produced. But monster, i was actually in favour of toning down the bombardments not having them have the same effect as nuking the battlefield! :P Super-mega-death-holocaust weapons are so boring!

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