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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
There actually are a number of cutscenes with him and Kreia that relate to the main plot. You can also have some talks with him about the Republic and his thoughts on the Jedi. I found him to be more interesting to talk to myself.
Yes, but you learn nothing from Disciple that relates to the main plot that you don't learn from other characters anyway, and I found his whole "I couldn't be a jedi after you left"-plot a very disappointing sob-story. I don't really dislike Mical, but in that case, I really did go, "cry my a river, why don't you?" By comparison I found Brianna's "betrayal"-plot far more powerful.

Mical has some nice comments along the way, but it's all just talk.

"It is all that is left unsaid upon which tragedies are built" - Kreia

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