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Cell Phone Jamming: Illegal and Unethical?

I came across this at ArsTechnica, and subsequently read the NYTimes link.

Some quick info: Apparently the Communications Act of 1934 makes it illegal to interfere with any type of radio communications. I actually never knew this.

The NYTimes article talks about various types of cell phone jamming, and has some quotes from various people on both sides of the argument.

This particular comment got to me:
"You're not allowed to barricade the street in front of your house because you don't like hearing an ambulance," said Travis Larson, a spokesman for the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, who asserts that blocking systems inhibit customers' rights and can block emergency calls. "Just like roads, the airwaves are public property."
Well A) The ambulance isn't driving through my home and B) My home is not public property. Why should owners of various establishments not be able to do whatever they want inside their theaters, restaurant, ect? There is the legal way, which is build the jamming into the walls through the use certain building materials.

So, should it remain illegal to use cell phone jammers in theaters, restaurants, ect?

Personally, when I go see a movie, I'll turn my phone off (or put it in silent mode if I need it on) when the previews start. If someone need their phone on in case of an emergency, why are they at a theater? If everyone would just use the silent mode on their phones, that'd solve half the problem. The other half is the people who have a conversation in the middle of the theater where everyone can hear. /side rant
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