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Global.jrl Merger (v0.3b)

EDIT(2006-09-19): Updated to version v0.3b which hopefully fixes a problem related to merging KotOR1 JRL files. Thanks to tk102 for pointing this out.

I've put together a small utility that saves some time while combining the global.jrl files of different mods that use this file but don't come with a mod installer.

It will currently take two global.jrl (Quest Journal) files and merge together any changes to existing Category fields in them, along with any new Category fields that have been added in either file. It will not handle any fields having been deleted from the standard global.jrl file, but I can't see any reason why anyone would want to do that.

It will also check the resulting merged file and warn you if multiple Categories have the same tag (which could happen if both mods use similar tags for new journal entries).

You can get it here if you want it. Be warned that this is a test/beta version for now, it worked fine with a number of different modded global.jrl files I tested it with, but there may still be problems I haven't been able to spot yet. If you run into any problems using it please let me know so I can attempt to fix them.

It will need an unaltered copy of global.jrl in addition to the two modded files that should be merged, to be used to compare against. This file can be extracted from the dialogs.bif file with KotorTool.


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