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I work as a sound engineer at a concert hall, and before every concert we have to play a recorded message that says, basically: "Hey morons! Turn off your pagers and cellphones, willya'?"
Even with that there are 2 or 3 times a show that one goes off, usually at the quietest part of the show.

Concert tickets aren't cheap, so you would think that anybody here is a.) really interested in seeing the concert; and b.) respects the artists on stage.

I have trouble figuring out where letting your cell burst out (and worse, actually taking the call, which happens frequently ) fits with those 2 things. It distracts you from the show you paid to see, is annoying to everyone else in the theater, and shows the utmost disrespect to the artists on stage.

It's all win/ win... no?

My phone is always on silent, and either left in the office or off when I'm working.

Having a jammer here wouldn't bother me overly much... but it might interfere with some of the other wireless technologies we have to work with here (walkie-talkies for security and ushers, wireless mics, wireless networking for our P.A. system computers, etc...)

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