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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Yes, but you learn nothing from Disciple that relates to the main plot that you don't learn from other characters anyway,
True, but I found talking to him about the Republic to be more interesting than sparring with a half-naked Echani.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
and I found his whole "I couldn't be a jedi after you left"-
That I think was made solely for the purpose of making him a Jedi.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
By comparison I found Brianna's "betrayal"-plot far more powerful.
I don't know about you, but the Handmaiden didn't seem to think she betrayed Atris when she went back to Telos. She's really just a personality-devoid servant who you supposedly turn to your side.

But even so, the Disciple is just part of why I like a female Exile. There's Darth Sion, Atton, the huge lack of female Sith Lords and strong characters, etc...

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