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((Sorry about the radio silence. I'm back now.))

*Guy stumbles along, following K'Warra by mentally targeting his magic signature.*

Good thing silence isn't a requirement. Even with magic flooding this place, I can still barely navigate...

*On the other hand, he could "see" the shadow line clearly... something about the magical composition of the area changed as it passed into the shadow. He concentrated on following the line.

The others follow K'Warra nearly blindly, still recovering from their ordeal and given no time to think.

Through the trees, bright lights flash in the sky.*

Guy: The decoy ship worked.

*K'Warra stops, ahead*

K'Warra: Okay, time to go into the shadow. Stop a moment first, though.

Chere: What? Didn't you just say we'd die if we went in the---

K'Warra: That was to keep you out of the shadow until we had to go into it. Otherwise, we'd have things already waiting there to attack us. Now we have maybe a few seconds before we get pounced.

Raschel: Hold on. What are we talking about here?

K'Warra: There's an underground cave passage hidden just inside the shadow line. The passage is warded to keep away the nasty things that live on the shadow edge. However, the path to the passage is not.

Marin: What is behind the shadow?

K'Warra: *smiling* Quicksand. Swamp. Bugs. Oh, and plants. A ****load of plants.

Chere: Huh? Plants?

K'Warra: Everyone ready?

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