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Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
Zagfel your right about semantics, my bad, people interpret and classify things differently but your off the mark about my comment regarding the executor; im not sure if you saw the vid but I only saw the screenies and I was under the impression the executor was already damaged, as can be seen in those screenies, not that it had 'reduced' health. If they used a half clapped out executor that was accurate to what it will be in game, then there is no exaggeration there.
I saw the screenshots and the video. Either way, arguments about the video still apply because they're both promotional media. Also, your confusion about the content of the screenshots proves that the final product will never meet expectations. For example, another user could have counted the number of Mon Calamari cruisers in the shot and used that to generate a (false) approximation of the Executor's power.

Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
Pretty impressive sentences Zagfel but I think your inclusion of "the tactical component" was superfluous....seriously what you say about the car differs from what Wedge said as he believed I would still buy the car with a 6 cyl because of the other refinements.
It's not redundant. It would have been if I had written "tactical component of the ground component." Either way, that's irrelevant to the larger question of whether or not bombardment is a large enough part of the game that it would convince people to purchase it.

Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
True the bombardment ability is a small part of the game as compared to the engine but if an ability of a unit in a game was so totally imbalanced then I would not buy the game. Sure it might be fun to play it once or twice but playing against it would never be fun, hence why all gamers, EaW gamers no less, are very sensitive to game balance issues. If that imbalance ruined the land side of the game play then that is pretty major.
This contradicts your previous argument that exaggerated promo media misleads consumers into purchasing less sensational games. It also hurts your position because it means that developer dishonesty is ultimately self-correcting: gamers won't purchase a game with sensationalized promo media because of perceptions of imbalance. I also don't understand why it warrants your earlier criticism of Torpid because, if anything, you should be pleased that a potentially unbalancing feature was corrected.
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