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Strider gripped the controls of the Ragnarok, taking into manual control and bringing the ship down through the atmosphere and onto a landing pad at the nearest space station, after getting landing clearance. It seemed less smooth than his previous ones, and they all heard him shout an apology from the cockpit. The loading ramp dropped, and Strider walked, his steps slowly regaining their strength, out of the cockpit. "We've arrived on Ossus," he said shortly, and descended the ramp, looking around to assure it was clear. "Alright..let's go to the temple. If we are attacked by Jedi...set your lightsabers to give only mild burns, or, if you can, just remove their weapons, I do not want any Jedi to fall by our hands unless we absolutely have no other choice," he said, his voice regaining its previous firmness.

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