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So, should it remain illegal to use cell phone jammers in theaters, restaurants, ect?
Is it illegal to decide who's getting called on your private property? It shouldn't be.

I say jam the idiots. Quick solution to the emergency situations: Put an "EMERGENCY" button on the wall in the concert hall that shuts down the jamming system. If someone has a heart attack, just press that button and you can call an ambulance. My school had call buttons in every classroom, which instantly put you in touch with the office through this Intercom system.

Reasons: health problems, violent situations accidents and being lost.
We're discussing cell phone-jamming in theatres and concert halls. You don't get lost in those.

"You're not allowed to barricade the street in front of your house because you don't like hearing an ambulance," said Travis Larson, a spokesman for the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, who asserts that blocking systems inhibit customers' rights and can block emergency calls. "Just like roads, the airwaves are public property."
You are allowed to block private roads, though, are you not?

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