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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Every time I see a half-naked Brianna, the only thing I can think is (rolling eyes) "Yeah, yeah, LA/Obsidian's attempt to keep the interest of hormonal males...."
Every time I see a half-naked stick figure Brianna the only thing I can think is "I wonder where she's concealing all those muscles she supposedly has as a strong melee brawler." Her underwear appearance just doesn't look very fit or muscular at all, which matches poorly against how she's portrayed in the game.

As for the Exile I prefer her as a female for a variety of reasons already mentioned by others in this thread, in addition to the appearance. I don't like how all the male characters in the KotOR games seem physically deformed with their torso proportionally too large compared to their legs and how they have no buttocks. It looks kind of creepy how they all have their legs directly attached to their lower back, and how they walk like they are badly constipated. (I guess that's a bioware thing, the same thing was true for the male models in NWN.) Shallow perhaps, but I can't connect with a character looking like that, nor stand to gaze upon them for 50+ hours. It just seems more effort has been put into the female models and animations.


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