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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Technical question: Is it possible to have a "smart" electronic jamming system that stops all calls other than "9-1-1"?
Technically, which phone of the 50 people present would that be? A jamming system jams, a whole frequency band etc. But it is not capable of jamming special information transported within this jammed frequencies. This could only be done if the "jamming system" is kind of a firewall instead, and thus it has to create a own cell where all the communication is send through, which means "tons" of radiation for those people in the "blocked" room.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
I'm not sure how technical it is, but there's a program that reads the lines of code in a phone. It might be possible to prevent it from dialing certain numbers, especially in this day and age where a computer can very easily be blocked from certain web sites.
Yeah. I'd like to go to the cinema and have some stupid watchdog people read all my messages and whatnot on the phone during that time.

Why all this technical stuff, when people just have to "silence" their phone using one of the various options available? That or blocking the whole signal for one room (e.g. cinema).

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