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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
I think people wanting the original theatrical editions will enjoy these limited DVDs even though the video quality isn't all that great when compared to the cleaned up 2004 editions and isn't anamorphic. Still really enjoyable and a nice thing to have sitting on a shelf of a Star Wars fan.
If you want the tin, Kurgan, from Best Buy I real that they have a limited number of them at each store. So if you want copies of the movies and the collector's tin you may wan to act fairly quickly because it would seem like a hot item.
Arguably though the video quality is SUPERIOR. The bit rates according to one website are comparable to the 2004 editions. Star Wars is slightly less than the 2004 edition, ROTJ is a lot less, but ESB is actually higher (the OOT is higher than the SE).

The colors in the 2004 version are wrong in many scenes (often extremely so, like the messed up lightsabers and the orange skin tones, the blue tints in any scene with white in it, etc).

I don't really care about the tin, otherwise I would have gone for it.

The main problem with the lack of anamorphic is that the subtitles get pushed off the screen when you use the zoom function, according to many people who have widescreen TVs (they've reported). You might say "well who cares, I remember what Greedo and Jabba are saying," but remember closed captioning for the hearing impaired? They're out of luck unless they watch it in the small frame (which negates the whole point of having a widescreen display in the first place).

The film grain is SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. It was only removed in the 2004 release to make it "match" the "look" of the all digital, video look (no longer film) Episodes II and III. Compare the original Matrix DVD which has film grain clearly in it, vs. the "new" Matrix DVD, which was "digitally cleaned" to look like video (rather than film) to match the digital prints of Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.

Some people may hate grain, but let's face it, the vast majority of movies until recently have had it. It's what you saw in the theaters. If you're using to watching TV shows instead, you might have forgotten that!

Frankly, I don't see the need for the originals to have had their opening text altered to "match" the later movies. But that's Lucas' attempt to tie the movies together in superficial ways (rather than the more important ways of story and character development). Oh well. Sorry to go off on another rant there...

But really, I think these DVDs (at least what I've seen thus far in the first 1/3rd of Star Wars) are superior to the LD transfers (though only over the best ones by a bit), and in many ways "truer" to the Star Wars of cinema than the 2004 editions. Had Lowry Digital not screwed up the colors and sound in their restoration, I might not be making such a point of the distinction, but it's definately true.

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