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That was surprisingly informative. I'm glad they take the time to do those things. Thanks for the great info Petroglyph.

40 new units, mirror games, more upgrade options, new turret types. Wow!!! Playing skirmish games is going to be like playing a whole new game. I'll have to learn how to play all over again, almost from scratch. Hmmm, they STILL haven't said anything about how many new skirmish maps there might be, and they're still keeping a BUNCH of the new units a secret. The NY Times seems to be good about disclosing top secret US government information, but not even THEY have been able to crack the security over at Petroglyph. Darn!

I think I need to employ some Bothans to 'acquire' a copy of this game for me a little early.

Edit: Chris said 40 new units. I wonder if that includes heros, or if it's 40 new units, plus all those new heros? Based on the number of existing units in the game (space+land+heros), and the new units they've shown us so far, I'm guessing that the 40 new units are in ADDITION to new heros. For example, the empire will have three new dark trooper units, a ground transport, two new tie models, and the SSD. That's 7 regular units, and at least two new heros (ground+land), probably more. So on a low-side estimate, that's at least 9 new units for emps and rebs, bringing them up to about 36 total. So if the Consortium will have the same number of units, then it's 9+9+36=54 total new units? ...or more?

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