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K'Warra: Actually, you're more likely to be eaten alive by the plants. Sir... whatever your name is today, you have a lightsaber, don't you? By the way, I'm surprised that between all the Jedi wannabes in this group, no one's wondered yet why it's so hard to access the Force. Also, don't step on the vines.

Raschel: Vines?

*Now that the group is standing still, it becomes more noticeable that plant tendrils are creeping along the ground out from the shadow line, vines whose growth is sped up just fast enough that you can see it. They spread in a random pattern, not aiming for any one of the group in particular*

K'Warra: Just a tip: If you step on anything here past the shadow line and find out you can't move, don't struggle. It won't help.

Chere: This is nuts. This is insane. What are we doing here? Why are we following you?

K'Warra: Feel free to leave if you want. I'm not keeping you here.

Raschel: Wait. Has anyone even looked at the map we're carrying? Who has the map, anyway?

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