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K'Warra: It doesn't matter how much light you produce inside the shadow, assuming you can control your pretty laser swords without the Force. On that subject, trying to use the Force in this place both won't work and will attract plenty of attention. So don't. I'll explain why later, unless you're all dead by that time.

*He looks at Guy*

K'Warra: You. You're lighting up like a ****ing beacon. Shut off your overactive senses before you get us killed. Someone take his hand and lead him, please. Marin, stop the shapeshifting. I don't want to deal with dragging animals out of quicksand or overgrown flypaper traps.

*K'Warra raises his hand, cups it, and produces what appears to be a small ball of glass. The ball levitates to a point directly over K'Warra's head, then ignites with color-shifting flames.*

K'Warra: This is your beacon. Follow it.

*K'Warra turns, crouches down on all fours and bounds across the shadow line.

After a few hundred feet, the mists obscure him. However, the beacon remains visible.*

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