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I still feel like this set (which I now own btw), is incomplete (from what it could have been, like including deleted scenes and other extras). But I also feel it is "broken" from what it should have been...

Had the following been done, I'd be perfectly satisfied with this set (I say this because people have accused myself and others of "never being satisified" with a Star Wars release):

2004 Editions (though I dislike many of the changes, it is currently "broken" now for me):

1 - Fix the color balance/timing/saturation and brightness/contrast issues
2 - Fix the sound issues in ANH

"Theatrical Bonus Editions"

1 - Make it anamorphic widescreen ("enhanced" for 16x9 displays)

(I wouldn't even demand the "mono" track as an option, despite the fact that this would make it TRULY the "theatrical edition".. I mean they went to all the trouble of re-creating the crawl, why not the soundtrack as well? It might not sound as good as the Dolby 2.0, but it surely exists, if nowhere else, then on the old rental VHS, right?)

Had they done that, I wouldn't be nitpicking and complaining so much (and I imagine most fans wouldn't be either). Deleted scenes and all that can go on a future bonus disc. But these are the main things I think that prevented this set from being a true "5 star release" worthy of the Star Wars name (and all the hype, since 2004).

I really feel embarrassed for the folks at the Ranch too for the 2004 versions. This was supposed to be George's "ultimate" version of Star Wars (until 2007 that is!), and yet it has so many obvious mistakes in it. They just didn't devote the time necessary to do it right. Now it seems like they are just trying to get as many copies of it sold as possible to recoup any losses before they re-release it again. The trouble is, how many people are going to be willing to re-buy all six movies in order to see the fixes to those three in another 8 months?

Anyway, I have yet to go through Empire, but Star Wars, and Return of the Jedi (theatrical) thus far are fantastic. If there's anything anyone wants me to check out for them, let me know, and I can check it on my new set.

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